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Are we really bringing Steve Smith as a “leader”? That’s adorable? The guy with more assaults on teammates (literally) than anyone. Now that’s a pattern to be concerned about? If not, why? And let’s not pretend he didn’t cheap shot all of them. Stay classy.

If there's one thing fans know about Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith, it's that he's not going to back down from anyone.

Not the biggest guy on the football field, he plays with a chip on his shoulder and is known as one of the biggest trash-talkers around, which has helped him be successful throughout his 14-year NFL career.

Sometimes, though, that intensity gets the best of him, as it has three separate times in fights with teammates.

First breaking practice squad player Anthony Bright's nose during a film session in 2002, then getting into a scuffle with rookie receiver Guilian Gary on the practice field that same year and, finally, breaking the nose of safety Ken Lucas in 2008, Smith has a hat trick of teammate fights.
The last instance led to Smith being suspended for the first two games of the season, even if Lucas did forgive him.



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The stuff with Steve Smith, you’re talking about Cam’s rookie and sophomore season. You’re using an article from Sept. 2012 to make your case?

And Steve Smith never did any good for the locker room, and the Panthers went 17-1 and to the Super Bowl two seasons after letting him go.

Yup, in 2012 Smitty saw the sulking/pouting as a problem and did his best to change/correct the behaviour. Apparently it didn't take because Kyle Love who was with the team through 2019 recently went on the record saying emotional frailty and pouting were still a problem.

Probably would have won the Super Bowl if Smitty were still on the squad --- toughness was the difference in that game.

Hey, you asked for sources...asked & provided.

If you'd think about it a little more possibly you could surmise the only legitimate excuse for all this aberrant behaviour...

...if ultimately you don't get there lemme know and I'll fill you in.

Hint: Think about what defines the Patriot way.
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