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Dec 9, 2010
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Happy Holidays my men
Hope you all had a great time with your family and loved ones and able to experience Christmas in the best way possible. Week 16 is in the books and mostly everyone won their free 20K so @Hyped you can bet again except a few individuals such as my good pal and fellow alien fanatic @IcyPatriot who picked the Panthers smh..
The winner of the favorite Christmas gift giveaway was @TheBeers his alcoholic and degenerate ways finally paid off. 75K for him and well needed too


The MVP of the week was my attorney @Jlaff those Teasers finally paid off everyone clap for him

the joker applause GIF

As for the goat of week was the defending champion @Brandon_Cox with 105K in total losses Boooooo everyone laugh at him

Laughing Out Loud Lol GIF by Minions

As for week 17 our giveaway for the New Years celebration is to put your New Year's resolution with your bet slip and a straight up winner. Every person will receive 10K with the New Years resolution alone and 20K if the winner hits.

Below are the ranks and odds for the week note no props this week for the Pats. It's a heavy home favorites week so bet wisely




@Guts @Brandon_Cox @Kontradiction @Steve102 @neuronet @IcyPatriot @PatsfaninTx @Scotty @sb1 @patsfanfromoversea @everlong @pazrul72 @Froob @FreeTedWilliams @borisman @Hyped @Pat the Pats Fan @pctronics0072 @TheBeers @Brotherblues @JarOfMayo51 @Chevy @Jlaff @venecol @mgcolby
All 10K teasers

Jets +13.5 and Jets/Browns over 28.5
Panthers +12.5 and Panthers/Jags over 32
Raiders + 9.5 and Raiders/Colts over 37.5
Bengals +13 and Bengals/Chiefs under 50.5
Lions +12 and Lions/Cowboys under 59.5
d%#*!@t i forgot the freebies:

Straight up winner: Iggles
Resolution: get to the gym more
New Years Resolution: stop holding my tongue and start telling people what dumbasses they are!

Free Pick: 49ers

10K: 6 pt teaser:
Browns -1.5
Browns/Jets OVER 28.5
Hyped's week 17 Huckleberry Casino Bets:
1.) Freebie straight bet:

Browns over Jete

2.) Freebie NY Resolution:

Don't drink and play poker, LOL.

3.) Two legged six point teaser parlay (+100):

5k on Lions +12 and UNDER 59.5

4.) Four legged six point teaser parlay (+300):

10k on Bears +3, Panthers +12.5, Raiders +9.5, & Bucs +3.
Free pick: Eagles
NE Resolution, quit drinking, hit the gym (same as always)

2-team teaser for 30k
Browns and UNDER
Free bet. 49ers
Don’t eat the yellow snow
$15k. Browns
49ers Spread 20K
Queefs Spread 20K
Eagles Spread 20K
Seahags Spread 10K
Parlay Sprinkle 2K NE/Washington ML

Kontras BetSlip

expand...Free bet 1: NYR: Be more racist.

Free bet 2: 49ers straight up.

$10k Parlay #1 (+300)
$10k Bills/Pats UNDER
$10k Raiders ML
$5k Pats +13
Teaser: Browns, over $30k.
Straight up winner. Bills
45k Browns to cover
45k Rams to cover
New Year's resolution quit smoking.
Dingles Betslip

Free Bet #1 - My New Year's resolution is to convince the whole world that a certain name (dm me if you wanna know) and "****y fart" are synonymns.

Free Bets #2 - 49ers

$20k - ML Parlay 49ers, Bills, Rams
Free bet 1: Browns
Free bet 2: stop being an *******

Teaser: 30k
Browns / Over
Freebie 1 eagles
Freebie 2 do triathlon
Damn, thought I'd gone positive last week. Shows what I know.

Freebie: 49ers
Resolution: Touch grass at least once to see what all the fuss is about. Also get to work on baby #2. Can probably do both at once, knock two birds with my bird.

20k Parlay 49ers, Bills, Rams
49ers Spread 20K
Queefs Spread 20K
Eagles Spread 20K
Seahags Spread 10K
Parlay Sprinkle 2K NE/Washington ML
NYR: Stop beating my meat to big tiddy goth girls
Straight up winner Queefs
Eagles straight up winner

10k 49'rs to win
12k Eagles to win
10k Rams to win

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