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Howe: Pats Ecstatic with Mac this Offseason (so far)

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I don’t understand people posting old articles about the Pats liking Stidham and Mallett. First of all, obviously the situations are very different. Brady was still here for both of those stories. Secondly, even if you wanted to pretend they’re apples-to-apples, why does it matter? Even IF you want to pretend that Bill really thought Stidham was the next great starter for the NEP and he was wrong - oh well, he was wrong. Does that mean we shouldn’t discuss this report that they’re high on Jones and get excited about it? We’re barred from being positive about Jones’ development because some other past QB flamed out? What are we doing here then?


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Nice article about Mac Jones and you and your buddies come here and start complaining about him, then you bring up articles written years ago by writers trying to guess what the patriots thought, so you could try and critisize Bill. You simply add nothing to the forum, obviously don't like the team and spend all your time bringing the forum down.


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Anyone who knows the story of Mac Jones, knows that last season was just the tip of the iceberg. The difference between Mac’s redshirt freshman year and his final year at Alabama was HUGE. There will be an incremental jump by Jones every year. This guy is the type of player you can’t just measure by physical skills.

Like others have mentioned, Mac is extremely smart, Academic All American as well as being an All American at QB. And he also has a hunger to be great, a hunger to win. I’m not saying he becomes a Hall of Famer, but he has that drive and determination to be great. You can just see it. There are so many talented NFL players, but so many don’t have that hunger to match that talent.

It’s why I wanted the Pats to draft Jones. You can just see it at Alabama. There have been a bunch of Alabama QBs that have won championships, who haven’t succeeded in the NFL, but this guy just dominated at Alabama, a lot of those other QBs were just complimentary pieces.

I’m not surprised that the Pats are thrilled with his offseason, he’s just that kind of guy. The drive and determination is there. It’s obvious.


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good grief you lot could row about literally anything. This is just a normal 'Pats happy with Macs progress and application' article and yet somehow some find something to disagree on.

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Why do you think this? I don't think he's really under any pressure at all.

My top 5 QB's under the most pressure:

5. Trever Lawrence - show us why you were the #1 overall pick.
4. Tua Tagovailoa - lots of firepower added. Time to put that pea shooter to work.
3. Justin Herbert - time to get your team to the playoffs buddy. You have plenty of talent.
2. Kyler Murray - keeps flaming out near the end of the season.
1. Lamar Jackson - Has regressed every year since catching the NFL off guard (like Kaepernick). Finished last place in the division. Going into your 4th year, that should never happen if you're a Franchise QB. Ravens have some thinking to do.
By definition being an NFL QB comes with a lot of demands. I don't see Mac having any more pressure than being a starting QB in the NFL. All of last years rookie class has much more pressure than Mac because he has a lot of organizational support and had a good rookie year to establish himself. Mac will see real pressure next year if he has a sophomore slump.

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Millennial snowflakes upset because we haven’t won a super bowl since 2019.
Just be glad it's not the JETE board.... millennial snowflakes... Gen X snowflakes...Gen Z snowflakes... Baby boomer snowflakes... Echo boom snowflakes...

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Yup, Zappe is a nice prospect and Hoyer has a VAST amount of experience in the system. I’m very curious how things go. I doubt Mac is going to make game plans on his own, but I wonder if he will be involved in the game planning process and having some degree of say in what makes the final cut.
I suspect Hoyer is the de facto QB coach. He has forgotten more about being a QB than anyone on the Pats coaching staff, past and present.


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What's the next article?... Krafts happy with their head coach.

Working extremely hard, especially given the responsibilities of the position, is a minimum requirement. Also, all the hard work only truly pays off if you have the talent, good coaching, and a good supporting cast. Jones appears to have the talent and his supporting cast is at least adequate at this point. Aside from Belichick, the coaching is questionable. At this stage of his career, Jones needs highly competent coaching from a strong OC who can share ownership of the offense.

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“Ecstatic” from our franchise QB doing his job as the team’s franchise QB? Great. I guess?

yea hes addicted to football and his craft, which is a great thing that will ensure he continues to grow from a rookie playoff appearance
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