Hillsborough Disaster

Discussion in 'Other Sports Forum' started by CelticPatriot, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. CelticPatriot

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    24th Anniversary today.

    96 football fans went to a game and never came home.

  2. MUFC7

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    Justice for the 96 and You'll never walk alone.

    Even as a Manchester United supporter I respect that day and have nothing but the utmost respect for those who fought over decades for the truth. Biggest victory ever achieved in all of sports history
  3. Angry Man

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    As an American who still fairly new-ish to the world of soccer (aka football) I never really knew much about the Hillsborough Disaster beyond that 96 people died at a game. I found the Hillsborough: Never Forgotten on YouTube which really helped not only give me the back story on what happened but the cover up the British government did going as far as altering testimonials and such in order to make it appear that it was drunken fans that caused this instead of unsafe conditions.

    A very tragic situation all around. RIP to the 96 that passed away.

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