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Great tidbits abt GoTs

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Sep 12th

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If you're a fan you'll want to check it out. Lots of great stuff! Lots we knew, confirmed but again a ton of great info.

BaconGrundleCandy Supporter Supporter
I defend these guys in some cases but I doubt they did more then "skimming" ASOIAF considering the answers they gave abt "not want to be the fantasy show". Paraphrasing there.

S1-4 were magic. Some of the best writing, acting & action you'll ever see.

S5 was ok... Definitely understand if some didn't like it as much.

S6 was great imo. Top 5 for me, maybe top 3-4?

S7 & 8 were bad. Some brilliant stuff mixed in but just bad overall.

All in all there was nothing like. Think abt where it came from, how big it got. Magical ride.

I think D & D biggest mistakes were trying to outdo themselves when it comes to the action stuff. S7 & 8 were essentially movies that were on film. Its great when it comes off that way but you don't try to do that. Rather let it happen.

S/E803 is like the 2007/8 SB for me. So much potential. History on the line. Some really great stuff in there but a big disappointment.

Other thing & this would have been a long shot. Hire some nerd like Elio or Linda, obviously not them. Neither are big fans of the show. But get some nerd like those 2 who practically knew more, as much abt the world as GRRM. No shortage of them. They'd work for peanuts, sign w/e waiver you want & give you another head to bounce ideas off.

Might seem silly, but there's so much detail most won't dive into that these people live every day. Might've helped w some authenticity?

Either way amazing show. I can't wait to let some time pass & fall into it again.