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I didn't have time to read all the comments but I want to share a story quickly about my friend James and i. He moved to MA ten or so years ago from LA and we became great friends. The year we played the saints on the first day of pre season I surprised him with his first and only trip to Gillett. (Of course in his drew Breese jersey) anyway it was so cool to see him having a blast. I'll have to dig up the pics and post them. ( he moved back to LA But keep in touch over the years we go back and forth **** talking the others team. Saints fans Andre great fans WHO DAT .. ty for the support.


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Yeah, I have to second the motion on Drew Brees. Nothing but a class act and definitely criminally underrated. I'd be happy to see him get another ring.

Brees has been outspoken on how he thought ****gate was a Dickdell special and how Brady was railroaded. He complimented how much he's learned from Brady and all that. I don't care what anyone says, Brees is my favorite QB besides TB.

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Thanks Pherein!. You are by far my favorite "Non Pats fan " on this board.

And I'm sure most posters would agree.

The Saints have become my Binky team of the NFC .
And a large part of that is because of you.

I kind of cheer for the Cowboys (Because, I carry on, the tradition for my brother that I lost a few yrs back)

but, with the Ommisioner screwing you guys during he whole "Your teams is playing too good, so we need the other owners to catch up-GATE", swayed me.

Appreciate the support.:)

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Always good to see you posting here. The Saints and Patriots are like brothers from different mothers. Always willing o fight hard with each other, but also have each other's backs if anyone else tries to muckle in and stove things up.

Thanks for the kind words, and know that we feel the same way about you and the Saints fans, and NO. Great people, and a great city.


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I was just down in Nola last weekend on business and went outbwalking around in my Pats sweatshirt a couple of times, I couldn't have been treated better than if I was in Boston. The comments I received were all about good luck in the SB, etc. Great city, great people. Thanks for always having our backs @pherien. It's always a joy to read your football thoughts.

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@pherein - Thanks man.. You're one of the classiest Football fans I've had the pleasure of talking to. You don't go to the stupid garbage like so many others do and it's a great thing..


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We feel the same for our brothers in the North. The Bars, homes, and Restraunts all over LA and NO Have the Game playing and watching all day. Hopefully the Great Patriots team and Fans will hear our cheers to help lead them to another well desurved lombardi trophy ! And a well desurved slap in the face of Goddel
handing the trophy to Tom

Kick that Dirdy Bird tail !


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