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Gasper: I think Bill is realizing his system doesn't work without high level QB play

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Nov 28th

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Instagram prostitutes aside Watson is 100x the QB Mac is.

This seems like a huge exaggeration - just based on measurables alone..

#1 Watson's arm is pretty mediocre coming out of Clemson.

Quarterback Ball Velocity at NFL Combine 2008-2020 (

If you look at Deshaun Watson its 45/45 That's pretty awful. For comparison sake the consensus strongest arm in the league - Josh Allen is 62/62. Other strong arm QBs are well represented there as well. So it is a valid measurement.. Tom Brady for example says he can hit 61.

Most competent NFL QBs are around 55. Russell Wilson is right there.. I have no doubt his arm strength improved with NFL coaching. But still..

#2 Watson is not super fast.

(15) Deshaun Watson | 2017 NFL Combine 40 Yard Dash & All Drills | NFL Highlights HD - YouTube

Now this number is fine for QB - but Mac Jones is right least according to his pro day times.

Don't get me wrong - Watson now is better then Mac Jones now - but I think people forget about how guys actually were coming out of school. From a tools perspective there is not a lot separating the two players.. surprisingly enough. Mac Jones is hungry and wants to prove himself. So I think he can add 10% to his arm and really blossom.

Hopefully we don't give up on him and we get to find out. Even if he doesn't pan out - I think we can always try some other talented but hard to coach type that would be available cheap..


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Macs Arm Strength will improve with a full NFL offseason Strength building program. I don't think he will suddenly turn into a rocket launcher overnight but I do expect some improvement there

He's a rookie, making rookie mistakes and playing to protect the ball. Sooner or later I'm sure he's aware he's going to have to open it up and take risks. At the same time I'm sure he has coaches telling him to trust his gut and take what's given for now.

I've said said this pre draft and I'll say it again - In the NFL Mac is going to need better talent around him at WR than Brady had to achieve the type of success we want from him. I think our WR Corp is fine but it's not striking fear into anyone's heart. He excelled (esp last year) with receivers who could create ALOT of YAC.

On Paper that's Jonnu - so far Bourne is the only one who has looked capable (outside of White).

Stu Pidassle

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This is the worst of the worst.
He made up that he THINKS Belichick is impatient to catch Shula.
Then he makes up that he thinks maybe that means Belichick is reconsidering his plan to develop a rookie 5 games in.
Then he makes up that IF the things he made up are true, then he THINKS maybe Belichick might make a stupid decision and go after Watson.

People read it and say who Belichick has lost it.
These guys like to use their previous hot takes as the truth to provide the basis for new insight. Unless, of course, the team actually does what they want like drafting a new starting QB. Then the narrative becomes how the team chose the wrong QB using previous hot takes to support the argument with facts never entering the equation. The ratings show that the formula is working.


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I do think it is possible Gasper heard some things while the team was in Houston. To think Caserio and Bill have not chatted about Watson given their relationship is naive.


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He went 8-8 4 times. Not a winning record either.

Brady's worse record was 9-7 and that happened once.

Clearly there is a huge difference in winning.

The main point is fans shouldn't expect to go 12-5 on ave with Mac every year because no QB outside of Brady does that.

There will be some 7-10 or 8-9 seasons ahead.

Mac shouldn't have even played this year if things were planned correctly, so wouldn't read too much into Mac's win/loss record this year. The kid is blowing away multiple all time rookie QB records, all good signs.


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Ho Hum. Felger will say anything only considering how much crap he can stir up, truth is not relevant. Mazz is like Felger's bobblehead doll. Murray is a Tom Brady fan and an avowed Belichick hater. Gasper makes no sense at all. He has really bought into the "I'm a big TV star" role. I made the mistake of listening to them for two minutes monday and they were complaining that Bill didn't draft Davis Mills in the third round and some defensive whiz in the 15 slot. Yegads.
Because clearly no young QB has ever looked like an All Pro when playing against Belichick for the first time. . . .


Third String But Playing on Special Teams

if that was not your intent, i apologize for misinterpreting it... my bad.
It was not. But it's all good, my apologies if my post came across as another Brady > Bill thing. I'm tired of that subject and it's been beat to death.

I purely wanted to put into perspective that Mac can be a HOF QB and still have a few mediocre seasons and that's fine.

Basically we shouldn't jump the gun on Mac because the team is 2-3. And it's possible we miss the playoffs again. The start of this season has been a stretch of tough matchups as well.

I wasn't trying to make a Bill v Brady thing.

I also don't think having a mediocre season with Mac hurts Bill either.

Bill's legacy is already cemented, he can only add to it not subtract from it.

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I've said said this pre draft and I'll say it again - In the NFL Mac is going to need better talent around him at WR than Brady had to achieve the type of success we want from him. I think our WR Corp is fine but it's not striking fear into anyone's heart. He excelled (esp last year) with receivers who could create ALOT of YAC.

On Paper that's Jonnu - so far Bourne is the only one who has looked capable (outside of White).

toney would have been the perfect WR for Mac

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BB always says “we don’t know what type of team we have till Thanksgiving”.

Some how a JAG reporter has made assumptions about a Rookie QB 5 games in
He has to make a living. He can ***** about fans on bulletin boards in threads like this one pulling his punk card, that's how he does it. Ok. Who cares frankly. 5 games in and he wants to piss and moan... has he discovered that MAC JONES HAS NEVER WON A SUPER BOWL? That ought to keep him in high dudgeon for a week or two.

I am so freakin tired of jackwagons with their new "oh oh! What if everything's not okay!" fetishes. SMH. Jones is a bright spot in a tough year thus far. Frickin cope - you picked the one guy out of 53 LEAST deserving of your booship, But then again, he's the guy they pay you to hate on. Mac needs to go to the podioum & quote Eminem

You mention me, millions of views, attention in news
I mention you, lose-lose for me, win-win for you

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Can you post the list?
List that is not absurd and ridiculous:

Best quarterbacks ever to be New England Patriots at some point in their careers:

1. Tom Brady..................his attitude alone placed him above the others right from the start
2. Steve trajectory similar to Brady, sabotaged by Dreith, Tatum (and Sullivan)
3. Doug Flutie................Kiam was a total idiot for not signing him and naming him the starter, regardless of who the coach was
4. Jim Plunkett...............a championship player throughout
5. Babe Parilli..................his TD record only broken in 2007 by Brady
6. Rich Gannon..............MVP
7. Cam Newton..............MVP
8. Vinny Testaverde......better overall player
9. Brian Dowling............Brady if Pats hadn't drafted him
10. Joe Kapp....................won titles in CFL & NFL


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Wickersham's book mentions it.

It was from Ian O'Connor quoting "an assistant coach". Which literally could be anyone. It says "us" but I wouldn't be surprised if the "assistant coach" wasn't with the organization at all.

Fat Mat is probably the source for this dumb quote.


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The irony iis we're actually GETTING effective QB play. Not high level elite perhaps, but considering we're starting a rookie we're getting very much more than we should be hoping for. Where we're struggling right now is with protection. we need to get that push at the line and kickstart our run game. We'll see the playbook open up only when and if that happens.

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This is a good point

I think what is driving his point though is that too many Pats fans think (or at least thought) that we can go on ahead and continue the dynasty again, that Bekichick can win with anyone, that all we need is a decent team with a solid QB and we can run it back like we have the past 20 years, when in reality, it's not that easy. This is why pats fans also move the goalposts.

Some genuinely thought we could win 10 games last year because "Bill would resurrect Cam". Then we didn't, and people said "well we lost guys due to covid and we had no cap, 7 wins was actually impressive".

Then entering this year, many thought that with the spending in free agency and the players returning, we'd win 10-11 games again. But then now, that doesn't look too likely, and people are saying "oh, it's a rebuild, Mac's a rookie".

The reality is that we've had teams like this before that would still be a lock to win 10-12 games with Brady.

It's not that easy to win, and Gasper is tying the Belichick angle into it since many Pats fans are hoping we can make and win a couple of super bowls in the near future. It's not easy to win in this league.

Im not saying Mac is bad, but his arm strength past 20 yards isn't that great (and Pats fans seemingly forgot that Brady always had powerful arm, even if he needed to set his feet), and you have to wonder how much of Belichick's coaching style was only accepted by other players due to Bradys leadership (as people like Revis have alluded to).
Man, I know losing seasons...I remember them.

While it is hard to win in this league, there's parity.

A very very FINE line between winning and losing.

Take the Patriots AND the Ravens: switch the results of one figgie and one fumble.....

I love our chances with a smart coach, capable QB, and a veteran D. Still do expect great things this season.


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If we are being totally real, Watson is likely not going to jail as no criminal charges have really been filed. He at most will get a suspension for a year. He’s 26 and plays at an extremely high level and has succeeded with mediocre supporting casts. He’s someone that is great and you can longterm build around.

If morality is not factored in and it’s 100% about winning. Trading for him isn’t the worst move. Getting a good young QB like Mac plus few firsts is a good return for the Texans and next to nothing for an elite QB even with a suspension incoming.

The question is the morality aspect and whether the fans and organization can stomach it.
Why wouldn't they just stay with Mills who outplayed Mac on Sunday.
Also, what makes anyone believe that Watson would want to come to NE?
I thought he put out a list of teams he wanted to play for and the Patriots weren't on it.


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Mac is a superb QB and just as I predicted way back in May, he was the steal of the draft. However there are some issues:
  1. He is going to get injured if the OL cannot protect him. Ugh, I hope this does not happen, but it is scary out there.
  2. He can only do so much if his receivers cannot get open. This is the gigantic weakness of the Patriots (and BB).