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Full Breakdown of Mahomes Performance

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This is what I also believe. To me the expectations of the game of the decade between the GOAT and the baby Goat was too much for Mahomes. He played almost entirely trying to be a hero with highlight reel low percentage plays. It was ugly. Being more slippery than a greased pig does not a great QB make.

@BobDigital did you evaluate how many dropped and almost interceptions he threw (I saw 5)? He led the league with a whopping 16 of those babies during the regular season.

I think there were 5 very risky balls he threw, but 2 of them were 50/50 balls perhaps that had a chance to also be a TD maybe. I'd need to see the all 22 to be sure. I also think Mahomes wasn't loose for this game like you do. Still, it is understandable in a way. A young QB will all these expectations being put on you is pretty crazy. Has any 25 year old QB been ordained the GOAT and given the task of dethroning him on the biggest stage before? That's a lot to put on someone.