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Sep 12th

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I have a friend I went to high school with whose wife works in the travel industry and she obviously got hit hard last year thanks to the pandemic. I wanted to try and help them out, and had mentioned to her last year before everything happened that it would be great if she could get into helping coordinating hotel, tickets, etc. for out of state fans as I know there are plenty of fans who live outside of New England that would want to fly in and catch a game. I've had people reach out to me over the years and I really haven't had anyone who can help with that. At least not until I was talking to my friend and I found out what his wife was doing. So I thought this might be helpful.

But I've spoken to her and sort of gone over what people usually would need and she's looked into things on her end and gave me the go ahead to offer her services on here:

Here's the form for anyone who wants to inquire:

She's only doing full travel accommodations with tickets, not just individual tickets (she's obviously not a ticket broker and it's not worth it for her to do just tickets). I also have no dog in this race, I'm just offering a way for anyone who wants to go the ability to work with someone who I think will definitely do her best to help with planning everything out and I trust her to do the right thing by you guys. She also does other things (trips all over the world), but again, that's something you can talk to her about directly for those interested. And she's not a miracle worker when it comes to the ticket costs, so please temper your expectations. ;)

I'm going to lock this thread but PM me directly with any concerns. Otherwise, her name is Amy and she'll be the person following up with you guys on any inquiries.

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