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The critics have blasted them all season, but Sunday night the Patriots defense proved that they really are better than people think.

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Patriots-Steelers Film Review: Goal-Line Stands Set Tone In AFC Championship

@powerlessbald Yes, 15 years ago. Stopped Buffalo 26 years ago. He's been in this spot before. Hasn't had a chance like this in a while.

Your skin is thin today and you might feel things that you wou... More for Sagittarius

RT @PhilAPerry: Belichick: "We’ve seen multiple times (when) games, or in some cases seasons, come down to a yard."

RT @allymanning: "SULLY! Get a look at the friggin HERALD. I'm famous! ... Ma, go down to Tedeschi's and buy all the papahs!"…

Interesting insight. Says it’s “delusional” to expect a first-round pick in a trade for Garoppolo

We now enter annual bizarro #SuperBowl extended prelude, where extra time is dedicated to drilling down on the details unrelated to the game

@stephenreilly2 hahaha. Improving the speed of your commute

Rams HC Sean McVay, the youngest HC hired in the Super Bowl era, turns 31 years old today.

@fmaguire @ImSeanO very good offense. Vulnerable defense. One of best offenses they've faced at this stage, one of best opportunity defenses

OBJ & the ⛴. Facebook video & AB. Brady & Trump. They're lil' blips on the screen unless obnoxiously pushed by folks desperately avoiding 🏈

He wants to play against the best. Appalling. Scandalous. Maybe even appallingly scandalous.

@ardaakyuzz I'd go back to how they handled AJ Green/B Marshall/D Thomas/D Hopkins. Who-takes-who isn't based on that alone. Any of 3 could

Your friends and associates might not be there to support you ... More for Aquarius

Right now in ATL, local media members tie themselves in knots inventing new angles on why Falcons prolly actually suck. Must be true, right?

Stuff like this and the what is your number series is why I highly recommend listening to @tomecurran @PhilAPerry

RT @CSNNE: What predictions did @tomecurran get right? Find out in the #Patriots -#Patriots AFC Championship preview review…

Fellow Minute 42 club members, how about this for a drinking game. Do a shot each time @tomecurran uses the word interesting. Don't drive.

RT @TonyKhan: The @AtlantaFalcons & @Patriots: greatest pair of passing offenses to ever compete in a Super Bowl? Yes; here's why: https://…

ICYMI - The roster turnover since then on the Patriots illustrates why NFL can be short for Not For Long.

EMT Charity event

Discussion in 'Massachusetts Patriots Fans' started by played1, Sep 15, 2009.

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    Sep 15, 2009
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    My name is John U. I work for Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital's Ambulance division. I am EMT and we are trying to raise money for one of our brother's. Recently my partner Kevin was diagnosed with terminal liver and lymphnode cancer. We are going to have a benifit with a raffle (hopefully at The Draft in Brighton) on October 30th at 8 pm. We need help! Spaulding and it's parent company Parners Health Care will not sponsor or even be a part of this event. The patriots will not help us because we as individuals are looking for help. Honestly, we need a couple tix for any game after October 30th. We are not looking for great seats, just seats. If anyone has any tickets this season they are not planning on using please contact me at: [email protected]. Our plans are to just to get anything we can from any team in the Boston area to donate for a raffle to pay his medical bills and funeral expenses. Unfortunately, according to doctors, Kevin is not expected to attend due to the progression of his cancer.
    Kevin has been an EMT in the Boston area for 18 years at Spaulding and other companies. Kevin has touched countless lives and now finds himself in trouble. He is my partner on the truck and a good man and he needs you. So if your planning a vacation or know you can't make a game, please donate them to Kevin.
    John U.

    [email protected]

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