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Dec 12th
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Love how quickly these guys lose it just because the Pats go on a little win streak...



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I'll be the first to admit I'm not well versed in baseball :(, my knowledge goes as far as trash cans and people spit on the field (and ball) a lot ><

Point is imagine if your arch rival was good for 20 years, you thought their best guy just left but they found ANOTHER guy...


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Thought it might be fun to have a thread devoted to how other fanbases are handling a potential New England resurgence with Mac Jones at the helm.

Starting with a classic from the draft: the Jete fan who knows what’s going on yet still remains a Jete fan.

Today’s update is the view from San Francisco after last night’s game. There‘s more salt here than in the Great Salt Lake.
Everyone loves Mac Jones, and for that, mankind must pay

That poor kid.

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Point is imagine if your arch rival was good for 20 years, you thought their best guy just left but they found ANOTHER guy...

Russell's finally gone!!

...Oh no, Cowens

Havlicek's finally gone!!

...Oh no, Bird

Ha!! They lost a hundred in a row!!

...Oh no, Ray & KG

...It's okay!! Ainge is in charge. He'll let Posey walk, and they'll NEVER win it again! Lakers will eventually catch them! :crying:


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I live in Buffalo. Several weeks ago after the Bills crushed KC, the Bills radio guys and many of their fans were convinced that it was between them and the Browns for the AFC. So they went down the line and predicted what Cleveland's record would be game by game. They came to the conclusion that the Browns had an incredibly tough schedule, every single week a good competitor. They had only 2 easy sure-fire win games left out of 12, the Lions and Patriots.

Now every week since then you hear the doubt creep into their voices. Initially it was just the Patriots playing the Cowboys really hard, but then the win over the Chargers had them grudgingly admit that perhaps the Patriots weren't bottom of the barrel. Week after week you can hear their snickers turn slowly into a kind of disgust, but they are much further along than that now, they are actually in a semi-state of panic.

Their worst fear before the Jags-Bills game was that they were going to play the Bucs in the SB and possibly lose to Brady.

Now their worst fear? It's coming.