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Draft Value of TE's in 2002 Draft vs Vernon Davis

Discussion in 'Patriots Draft Talk' started by IcyPatriot, Apr 1, 2006.

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    With All the hype surrounding Vernon Davis who was timed by some at sub 4.40
    Vernon Davis - 6'3"........254......4.44...supposedly a decent run blocker and a lousy pass blocker.

    Hard to really quantify here. Players on different teams with different QB's. utilized differently and we all understand this.

    So...here is the 2002 draft TE's that have done something since they were drafted. I left out about 3 140 yd receiving guys and a few lesser ones.

    Below is when they were picked, height, weight then and now and finally their 2005 production. The top 4 picks turned out well and McMichael and Putzier were the steals. especially Putzier who was a college walk-on and was never expected to be more than PS player.

    Of all these players only Jeramy Stevans could play for us as he is an adequate blocker. For our team needs, Belichick made the best possible selection and if he missed on Graham it seems like he still could have moved for Stevans.

    So, is Vernon Davis worth a top-10 pick...hmmm not so easy really.

    1- 14: J. Shockey-6'4"..255/253..4.55...Gr.>4.07--2005--65/891yds - 7 TD
    1- 21: D. Graham -6'3"..248/257..4.48...Gr.>4.18--2005--16/235yds - 3 TD
    1- 28: J. Stevans-6'6"...265/265..4.78...Gr>3.55.--2005--45/554yds - 5 TD
    2- 55: D. Jolley---6'4"...251/250..4.68...Gr.>3.77--2005--29/324yds - 1 TD
    3- 88: C. Baker---6'3"...258/258..4.86...Gr.>3.72--2005--18/269yds - 1 TD
    4-122: D.Sanders-6'5"...258/258..4.76...Gr>3.54--Profile-Bust or Boom
    5-160: R. Royal---6'4"...253/260..4.95...Gr.>3.57--2005--18/131yds - 1 TD
    4-114:R.McMichael-6'3".247/235..4.86...Gr.>3.53--2005--60/582yds - 5 TD
    6-191:J.Putzier---6'3"...235/256..4.69...Gr.>3.20--2005--37/481yds - 0 TD


    Graham: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/football/2002/draft/players/17298.html

    Jolley: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/football/2002/draft/players/16775.html





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