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Divisional Playoff Game Rideshare/Tailgate

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On the Game Day Roster
I am driving up from Fairfield CT to tailgate with a local friend before the game in Lot P10. Looking to see if anyone wants to share a ride or a tailgate and save some gas money. Reply or shoot me a private message.


On the Game Day Roster
Ok, so I clearly need to sell myself a little:

I will be driving a very comfortable Murano with a full setup including: Tent, Chairs, Tables, Grill, Grill stand, Flag, TV Antennae (post game), and of course copious amounts of food and beer. Burgers and Dogs? No sir. I am an amateur chef who will be making some 36 hour marinated T-Bone steaks on the grill, along with Bacon paste thigh meat skewers, and honey siracha chicken wings. So if you want to eat and drink like a champion before watching the reigning champions, hit me up for a ride in.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
I remember seeing your name in years past so between that n your posts I must say you sound like a real pro. We'll b tailgating in one of the satellite lots.
Good luck! GO PATS!