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Deshaun Watson will NOT face criminal charges

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The NFL will no doubt use this as some PR justification for why Watson‘s behavior is “in bad taste but live and let live” or some BS when in fact this grand jury decision means very little. Let’s put it this way: Harvey Weinstein was criminally liable for rape and assault. He wasn’t criminally liable for the other 95% of cases where he used his position of power - the threat of other types warfare on someone’s reputation and career - to coerce sexual acts.


High Priest at Team Bill's Temple Supporter
The way I understood it too is he's guilty of being a perv and a weirdo, which... makes him a perv, and also a weirdo, but not a criminal.

No, not a criminal but certainly he may be culpable. But his damages have restitution in civil courts/settlements and not in criminal codes. Not only are the actual damages/ misconduct in these forums different, but the burden of proof for “he claims, she claims” is virtually impossible to prove with beyond a reasonable doubt.


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If he’s guilty, but it won’t help him with Goodell.
And that was in the civil cases so it will be hard to win if he won’t testify and deny the accusations.

How would Goodell go after Watson when he was not charged or found guilty? Typically Godell suspends players for 1 year for accusations such as these and Watson has served his time. Hard case AB got 1 season off plus 8 more games, but Watson had been in no other trouble prior to this. Warden Goodel may impose 4 more games off in 2022, but he will not ruin Watsons 2022 season. Watsons career will go on.

Furthermore do you actually believe that Houston, Watson and his new team havent already consulted the NFL regarding hos 2022 season availability? And, how well would it be received for Watson to get life and a day, but Bob Kraft walked without a scratch? Both paid excellent Attorneys to make a problem go away.