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Day 3 reset

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I can't see them making all 7 selections this year.

I can see moving up in the 4th to get someone they like. I can see moving up/back so they have picks in the 5th and 6th rounds and trading the surplus into 2020.

I bet they make 5 selections today.

I think a trade for a "play now" vet is very possible


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Ideally I’d like a second WR high on day 3 who can come in and contribute straight away. Other than that it’s been a very good draft.

Pleased we’re staying away from QBs this year so far, would like that to continue.

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[QUOTE="manxman2601, post: 5582122, member: 29179"... and the big one, NICK ALLEGRETTI![/QUOTE]

With a name like that...


Draft him right away.
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