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Damien Harris

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Nov 28th

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Another 100+ rushing game today.

Loved how he greeted his teammates after Cam scored. Love his postgame comments too. This kid is already showing leadership. This is not Jonas Gray II- I think we have something here. Gonna be a star.


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He looks good. He is a strong, punishing runner. It's a shame we lost otherwise we would have spent a good amount of time talking about him. Declaring him a future star is a bit of a stretch. Need to see more.
I just really liked what I saw and heard today from him. No guarantees of course but I don’t think he’s a flash in the pan either.

Sony unfortunately is on the clock imo.

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Harris is a truck! Can explode through the hole too. Sony is a bust! Embarrassing we chose that turtle over Chubb


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I love the guy but McDaniels needs to change up the way he does things

every time Harris comes in you basically know its run.

Same crap has been going on for years

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There are very, very few players on our roster, especially on offense, worth building around long term. Harris might be one of them.
as of this writing, the players I feel are keepers :


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I really like Harris, liked him during his Alabama days, I watch Alabama a lot. He kinda reminds me of Emmit Smith, the way he runs, though I think Smith ran lower to the ground. Harris is a tiny bit more upright. But man he’s a slashing type runner. Is averaging 5.8 yards per carry this year I think. It’s no coincidence that when they started giving him the ball more in the game, the better we did, and the comeback was on, till Cam blew it.

I think Harris, though he can be a main runner in an offense, but he was very successful at Alabama when they ran by committee. Same can happen here with him with Michel and Burkhead. Either way, he truly is a bright spot for this team, definitely the offensive MVP so far.


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Harris is a truck! Can explode through the hole too. Sony is a bust! Embarrassing we chose that turtle over Chubb

On the Harris TD run, he broke a tackle in the secondary.....Sony never breaks that tackle. Sony has very few long runs. He had two nice runs against the Raiders but otherwise nothing over 30 yards in almost 500 attempts.