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You took 6+ months to erase yourself from the internet, but you gave the Government your bank account #? :rolleyes:

You're not the guy man.

Meanwhile between the captain's ears...



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All the states will still do their own thing. I am wondering about Florida as their Governor has said in the past he follows what the Feds/Trump says which is why he waited so long for the stay at home order. I forget the exact quote but something along the lines of well the government isn't requiring it and until they do I won't. He ultimately did however.

I am wondering if someone like that would follow his lead and open up their state. Will be interesting to see if anyone follows his lead

:) The governor of FL is already talking about opening schools. If Trump gave the federal recommendation, he would end all restrictions, and make it illegal for local governments to enforce their own restrictions.


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This also works the other way around.

Big tech wants my money.

The government wants to punish people for disagreeing with their ideology. Apples to oranges.

Not really.

The federal government just wants you to pay your taxes, they don't give a crap what you say because you are nothing to them...an ant in the colony. If you manage to create a large enough following to pose a threat, they'll just remove you from existence.

Big Tech is run by far-left woke ideologues that would rather punish you and make your life hell, and make you suffer. They don't need to outright remove you from existence. They just can just take away your ability to work and make money, or just take away your ability to spend money. Why do you think they support a cashless society? No cash means now you have to depend on private banks that have no problem canceling your accounts...then what? Good luck going to a grocery store and trying to barter with the manager, it's not going to happen.


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:) The governor of FL is already talking about opening schools. If Trump gave the federal recommendation, he would end all restrictions, and make it illegal for local governments to enforce their own restrictions.

And Texas is now working on a plan to ease restrictions...might be in for a long long summer.

Trump can do all he wants but it's still up to the states to decided when they end their lockdowns. States like FL and Texas seem to be following his lead or at least acting like they are


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Trump has the most important decision to make, when to open up the economy. What decision is he really talking about? Is he talking about directing the CDC to withdraw their recommendations and for the VP to revoke the advice given by his tasks force every day? Will it mean that he stops sending any more masks (now up to 2 M to the states). Will he stop sending supplies from the empty stockpile? And who's listening?

What will that mean in CA, OR and WA. I submit that this will mean exactly ZERO. These states will continue with regard to their state policies. Ditto for NY, NJ, and CT. Trump recognizes that the real authority is in the states.

The reality is TX and FL (the biggest states that listen to Trump) are already likely to take steps on May 1. GA will certainly be close behind. So, we'll see what huge changes Trump will make and their effects.


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This is the type of crap misinformation we are dealing with:
Tracking Covid-19 cases in the US

Scroll down to the map that shows the counties. In NH, it shows 3 cases (per 100,000) in Coos County, which is the northern most county. Coos county has 1 case. There's not 100k people up there, to my knowledge.

New Hampshire coronavirus map: Town-by-town data, breakdown of COVID-19 cases

So why does CNN show the numbers per 100k persons instead of showing true cases? To scare us? To make the Trump administration look bad? To garner more clicks and make people watch? Just to sensationalize the pandemic?

I'm calling bullchit on the whole GD thing. It's all there to scare us.
Woah, you were so close. You were almost at the end of the thread. I blame it on Insano.


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Governors are being nice to Trump since that is the only way to get any help from the federal government. When that help stops, the situation will be different.

One really bad thing that is likely to happen is a continuing confrontation between Trump and many of the states. I suspect that he will attempt to punish them, perhaps by not paying the $600 weekly bonuses on the unemployed in those states. After all, this folks should be risking their lives and coming to work.

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As New York City deals with a mounting coronavirus death toll and dwindling morgue space, the city has shortened the amount of time it will hold unclaimed remains before they are buried in the city's public cemetery.
“We, the funeral directors, are overwhelmed,” Cheeseman said. “We’re inundated. The crematory can’t even take bodies for two weeks. The funeral homes don’t have refrigerated trucks parked out front.”

Coronavirus: New York City shortens deadline to claim dead



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Incompetence is a sufficient explanation. However, it must be noted that those first getting the virus were Democratic states and cities. If FL, TX and MO had been first instead of CA, WA and NY, I do expect that the repose MIGHT be different. Trump doesn't like giving aid to Democratic cities, which are primarily minority. Is that racist, or simply anti- Democrat? Sio\ply put, there are his base.

Pretty disgusting to have a President who is supposed to represent all citizens in the country, possibly have no action because it was blue states.


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I didn't vote for him for a reason. I'm not, and have not, relied on politicians to tell me what to do during this crisis. Especially not him. I went third party on that one because it was between him and Gillum, a dude who likes to take it in the ass while he's sky high on methamphetamine. What excellent choices the two parties gave the state on that one. :rolleyes:

It's unbelievable actually.

Libertarian anyone?

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Just stoppin’ by to see if the usual character's minds are still cranking away

2-3 more weeks and the we’ll exit the angry stage of grieving and enter the depression stage. That’ll be a tough one but at least acceptance will follow
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