Cuban Vacation Thread

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I used to live in Havana and I travel to Cuba on business at least 4 times a year (pre COVID)
It is an extraordinary place but it is not an easy place. The country is fundamentally broken on just about every level and the 60 years of failed state planning has created a hybrid of conditions that is unlike anywhere else on earth.
My advice to anyone, particularly Americans, is to go. The people are incredible and the environment is pristine compared to the rest of the Caribbean. Havana is a fantastic city and I wish to hell I was there now.
Cuba is not for everyone but for those with a sense of adventure and some patience, the country will reward you in so many wonderful ways.


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Cuba hasn't been anywhere on my list but I may add it some time.

I've been to a few countries; some good, some not so good. For a Euro trip, there is so much you can do, and really something for just about any taste in traveling. Last year, I did maybe my favorite trip so far; a Prague-Austria-Switzerland-Liechtenstein-Milan gig, with beer/friends in Prague, snowboarding in the Alps and restaurants and sightseeing in Milan. I drove the distance between them and, if you like driving, I highly recommend that over taking trains or buses.

I would recommend the UAE (staying in Dubai) for the same reasons I would recommend Vegas, or maybe Tokyo. Go to see the spectacle and splurge on some luxury in some sunny weather. I've been there several times (a lot for work) and find new things to do each time. Dubai tends to be a layover for destinations in Asia and the Middle East, so if you're flying through anyway, might as well spend a couple nights in a luxury hotel and see the sights.

Ethiopia is a sleeper destination. Very cool to see old architecture in Africa, built not by colonials, but generally by locals. The food is good too, and they are obsessed with their coffee...for good reason. It's a necessary waypoint to other places worth seeing in East Africa, like Nairobi, Kilimanjaro, and Victoria Falls (recommend the Devil's Pool).

The only region of the world I haven't seen much of is South America or the Caribbean. I'd like to, though, once this Covid business is finally done.
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