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College bowl pickem

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I want to run a pool with just people on this site for bowl games. I’m thinking 100 dollars for 1 entry. And you get 1 entry max.

winner take all unless we get a lot of people.

If there’s a site that allows it, I’m thinking spread with confidence picks. Post here if interested and I’ll start a group PM if we get enough people.


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I’d be in but you might want to ask @Ian if he wants you to post this altogether and, if he’s cool with it, can we move it to the main forum for more exposure.


I don't know...I wouldn't want to get involved because if there are any issues, I don't want any part of it. We had a scenario a few years ago involving a wager that went sour and it turned into a mess. So while I wish you the best, I'd prefer to not have it on here.
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