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Dec 6th

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captain insano

Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
This is what happens when idiots overthink things….I’m talking about the article

there’s 2 ways of building a franchise …. Through the draft or simply buying it. Through the draft takes time …. 6-7 years before you even smell a championship if your top 2-3 guys peak and you get the right FA’s

the horford deal was all about getting rid of walker and gaining some cap space….horford was a side effect and the last thing the C’s need is to be drafting 16.

the bucks and the sixers top guys are older than the C’s top guys and they have yet to experience the success that the C’s have had.

walker had the right attitude, but if you don’t have Gobert at the 5, you are going to get killed at the defensive end.

right now, they need to bring back Fournier, and they need to find a solid 1-2 G…nobody needs a true point anymore …. Caruso from the Lakers would be perfect.

the real question is why you don’t allow yourself to enjoy life?