Can you beat this foot in mouth? Best in last 20 years?

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I spent a lot of time in Asia and Europe. The US is not the worst place to raise a family. Not by a long shot.

I have's talking about wealthy's an aggregate.......there are plenty of suck-ass places in this country

the bigger question is: Are we great yet?


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Sorry to barge in on this circle jerk, but where's the surge in deaths that makes him so wrong? 380 deaths yesterday and 465 today (July 13) for the entire country. Should we stop driving cars too until Elon perfects autonomous driving?

Some of your guys think money and economies grow on trees and the world can just hang out watching Netflix indefinitely.
This was not about money or economy post, this was about want him to stop boasting and rather prepare or do something to give those who are vulnerable a chance in his state.
I know I will be upset with him if he was my Governor and we are now facing this. But I guess we deserve who we vote for.