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Can we root for Mahomes now?

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During the Patriots dynasty era it was natural to 'hate' and 'actively root against' the teams that were a threat to the Pats.

Therefore, I would root against Peyton and Roethlisberger and then eventually Mahomes. I didn't want them to prevent hte Pats from winning the title, but also I didn't want them to surpass Brady's greatness.

Now that Brady is gone from the Pats and the Pats' dynasty era is over, I don't dislike these teams or players like I used to. I feel Brady's legacy is pretty secure, in fact when it comes to Mahomes specifically Brady has already beat him in two playoff games.

I think I've finally reached the point where I wouldn't mind if Mahomes wins this Super Bowl. It might be one of those Michael Jordan-things. Every year I would root against Jordan in teh finals, but it was only after he retired I was like 'ya, that dude was really good though'. Where I do respect Mahomes and his ability to have his team at the top each year (just like Brady would do).

Anyone else finding it easier to root for Mahomes these days?
root for who you want but it's a NO for me.


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I have np appreciating greatness but also get most here when they say "**** off" lol I'm with you @brdmaverick though. I'm rooting for Hurts bc Mahomes has one and will be back but really just hoping for a great game.

***Side Note***
Even if you dont like him. We can all agree he's a HOF, today, right?? Best start ever in terms of playing the position. In 10 years all the records will be modern day players except Marino but Mahomes is just different. HOF is about greatness and there's not 5-6 QB I'd take over him all time.


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We know he's great. That's not the ****ing point. His voice is weird. And his brother is an annoying POS. Plus I like the idea of Mahomes being stuck on 1 SB ring for next 20 years, all the while the national media is desperately trying to justify that 1-9 in Super Bowls is better than 7-3.Uh huh
You cannot b e serious with this. His "voice is weird"? The choice is between rooting for Philly or KC. Your embarrassing tendresse for Brady is not relevant in this discussion.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
Weird. All this Mahomes hate. He's a great player - obviously - and a decent fella - obviously.

What's your issue, haters? Honestly. I don't get it.
Well. He acts so grouchy. He tries to escape the pocket with his legs and if anybody latches on him or gives him a hit he starts to overreact and draw penalties and act as if he's entitled to get the fouls. If you run better be prepared to take on hits . And you have his entire team come on to gang up on defender if they sack or tackle mahomes. He starts to call the fouls before they are called and the refs give it to him.

I donno , I might be in minority but I really don't like mahomes . Love Burrow and even Lamar is okay in front of mahomes .


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Can we root for Mahomes now?​




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Use your words, if you have any.
Some words: You’re 76. You’ll be dead soon. Dog’s ugly, too. I’d spike that rat into the ground so hard, it would make Gronk jealous. Just watch it explode as it smacks off of the concrete. Since you’re 76, there’s nothing you can do to stop me. You’d be quickly overpowered.


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Never ever will I root for Mahoney. There is no way I want him to even have close to Brady’s SB’s . Brady is the GOAT and I really do not want to hear the media fawn over KC and Mahomes!!

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