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Cam Newton set a new Career record!!!!!


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Just stating the facts….sorry it is so troublesome to you….

There are literally thousands of relevant "facts" and developments in the football world to notice and call attention to, and you select the failure of a former Patriot. It's like walking in to someone's living room and farting. Lots of other options.


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When someone goes around an acts as dramatically as cam does, and boldly makes claims like "there are not 32 quarterbacks better then me" and talks about how teams won't sign him because he'll be a distraction, ETC ETC ETC, it becomes INCREDIBLY easy to mock the guy who talks so much ****, and performs So ****ing poorly.

You say "acts dramatically", I say "celebrates life."
You say "boldly makes claim", I say "makes his case like every other confident QB would."
You say "talks so much ****", I say "says out loud what others keep inside and are afraid to say."

I see it as a style thing, and one that irritates people who have rules about how others are supposed to behave because it makes them more comfortable.

Cam isn't just a football player, he's a social statement, and that's a good thing.

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That’s a shame. I guess it helps the dolphins get a higher pick, which theoretically helps us, but I have no animosity towards the man. He tried hard here and I respect him for it. Unfortunately, his time is past.

Nah, you can keep rooting against the Dolphins unfettered! Philly has their first round pick this year ;) Not that I love the Eagles, but they're non-conference and there would be something funny about the Dolphins being terrible and not even getting a good pick out of the deal. Doesn't look like that's in the cards though. Oh well, I do like Flores so at least there's that.


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Time for him to settle as a premium backup and collect a few more paychecks.

Just stating for me there's no premium on his play but he is gonna carry that brand and the former MVP title with him and maybe some teams will fall for it.


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Shouldn't there be a separate board for Cam topics? Or is it only ex-Pat QB's with 6 rings who get exiled?

As there's already a Pub, perhaps a Schadenfreude Saloon serving up not so hot takes and even warmer beer?

Bill Lee

What, me worry? Supporter
Sham Newton had the LOWEST PASSING NUMBERS OF HIS CAREER….even lower than the dumpster fire he conducted here last year…..and against the Doofins No less….feel bad for the guy because from all reports he was a great leader and good with the rooks….but maybe it’s time to hang ‘em up
A great leader who last season violated protocol and went out to dinner at the height of the covid wave and put the team into jeopardy as a result.

Then in the off season he missed time at the exact wrong time for him and the exact right time for Mac.

At the end of the day the man is a dope, one that BB used as a seat warmer for a while then kicked to the curb as soon as he wasn't needed.

Thread is weak after a win like this but we had a number of posters here that wanted Cam to start over Mac before the year.
Seems to over-simply people's positions, IMO.

Cam was re-signed before Mac was drafted as a name and a face so FAs would at least have some hope of a replacement-level NFL QB on the team. His contract was a lowball contract with lots of per-game bonuses. It was designed for it to be easy for the team to cut him, which is exactly how things played out.

It very well could have been that Mac needed more time to develop. One never knows till one brings the guy in house and sees how he picks up the offense both in the class room and on the field. BB kept propping Cam up as QB1 so Mac could develop without the pressure of being named QB1 early in camp.

It very well could have been that someone drafted Mac ahead of us and we would be rolling with Cam and Stid again. Thank god that we aren't in that alternate universe.

IMO Cam was a cheap insurance policy. BB used the fact that younger players respect him, and BB still puffs up Cam's legend whenever he gets a chance because if he knocked him down it'd show how BB used Cam, which is not a good look.

Once Mac showed he could be QB1, Cam was let go with none of those per-game bonuses paid. Mission accomplished.

BB the GM gave a master class here. Compare/contrast da Jete who just brought in Milfson with no other vet QBs around. They fed him to the wolves.

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Just stating the facts….sorry it is so troublesome to you….
The facts are fine. Certainly a polar opposite thread than the one you started last year. It’s funny to read as I felt the same way about getting on board with Cam back in 2020 hoping for the best. Thread was closed but I quoted you on it anyway. I’m assuming you didn’t like the way he exited to change your mind on the guy. And yes he was a pretty bad qb here which was enough to change a lot of posters minds about him.

“You know when I first heard that Pats were even remotely interested in Cam Newton I thought....screw that ....he’s a ME guy who only cares about himself....he has several injuries past few years....rotator cuff surgeries to throwing arm ...and the lisfranc (sp) injury....WTF was BB thinking?!? Can’t run as well maybe?! Throwing lame ducks?!? Gone after training camp....probably good chance. Hey it’s a ridiculously low risk and cost signing for one of games most dynamic players( unfortunately played for a weak, poorly driven owner who never stocked the fridge enough!)

So we sign him....and guess what...!? The guy is One of the MOST DRIVEN....POSITIVE.....PUMPED UP GUYS that I remember coming here!! Took whatever reps he was given....Stid Hoyer and rest of team said he’s been a great and INSPIRATIONAL teammate....BB praised him constantly and named him a captain....not something to take lightly given its BB.,...

I am now ALL IN on Cam Newton and I am pulling for him to succeed!!!! It doesn’t really matter if we make it to playoffs or what our record is....we have the toughest schedule in the past 5 years from all reports so I’m being realistic.....but give them your best Cam....and team....give em he((!!!! I think Stid could still be a top QB in this league....but he’s not ready yet....learn kid!!!!

pS Keep Jeff Thomas and J.J. Taylor BB....they will be great!!!!”


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
Cam has a nice contract. He'll score a few 1 yard TD runs and come in on a few gadget plays. He's nowhere near a starter in the NFL these days. But we kinda already knew that. Good luck to him.

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Cam will probably never be able to throw effectively any more. It's obvious that he can't lift his elbow above his shoulder, and he's lost whatever degree of accuracy he once had. BB made the right call.


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Sometimes the media can hurt a player as well. When the Panthers beat the Cardinals two weeks ago, the headline on my app was something like:

"Superman is back: Newton leads Panthers over Cardinals."

He had 22 yards of total offense in that game. 22 yards. It turned me against him instantly, and it wasn't his fault.
And we can count all his passing yards in that game 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8



In the Starting Line-Up
I personally have been very consistent when it comes to Cam.

I didn't like him before he came here.
I was mortified beyond belief when he came here.
I was hoping we'd give him the boot when we drafted Mac.
I was thrilled when he got released.
I've been trying to forget he was ever a Patriot since we booted him.
I was pissed when Carolina picked him up.
I'm happy he's failing in Carolina.

I just think he's an arrogant ***hat who coasted by on talent and never really cared about the game or his team beyond what they could do for him. I'm so happy to have the polar opposite as our field general now.

If you love Cam I'm sorry that we disagree. But as a great man once said it is what it is.

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