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Cam Newton Interview: "I was bamboozled"

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i ŴøŊʤʁ Ïf Ħɝ FɚĻŤ ßÅɱɮÓóʑĽęĐ ÃfŤɘʁ ɧĘ ŁəĀŖɳĕɖ ɫɦĕŗē Àɹə áɔTÜÃĹŁŸ ŅÓ ĹlŃəBáɔʞĔRş ŃÅɱɚð Mļʞɚ íň Ŧħɛ ŊFĿ ...

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Also you can't just plug any great QB in with Bill and get 6 rings.

Rodgers is on his 3rd regime change with coaches and front office. Second family. He couldn't handle Bill. Bill would slight him over something dumb and he'd refuse to speak to Bill for 3 years.

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The Patriots "bamboozled" Cam with a $3.5 Million guaranteed contract. 3.5 %#@&% Million dollars!!!

Bamboozle me please. Please. Bamboozle me pretty please.


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I don't think Cam really has the credibility on stuff like this to make his take meaningful. He's a weirdo. That's totally fine, but when you're outwardly odd and somewhat emotionally unstable, it's hard to assume you're the one viewing the situation with the most clarity.


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Weird thing was, was the person giving the interview was his father. Maybe the cameraman was a cousin. It was pretty bizarre, the “interview”. I have no Ill will towards Cam, I feel his pain while watching it. But it was just bizarre.


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He said TODAY he would have agreed to be the backup
He 100% would have accepted a backup job last year if that was all that was offered. But if bb didn’t come calling, he would have had to retire last year.
Youve gotten worse at back peddling and lying. Surprising with your decades of experience.