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CAHC pronounced Cawk.

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Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
Cool Anti Homers Club – Boston Chapter:

Re: New Membership drive. Please nominate qualified candidates in this thread. The top vote getters will be submitted to chapter president Felger for consideration for membership.

Qualifications and required behavior sets:

  1. Work for a Boston sports news outlet and appear frequently on sports radio or cable sports shows.

  2. Have an IQ under 110 but preferably over 75…(sorry Ben).

  3. If the occasional intelligent fan brings up something like stats or science – just feign indifference and say something like “stats are for losers” or “don’t make me give you a wedgie”.

  4. Covet the cool anti homer status above all else. If the truth makes you seem homer-esque then take the opposite position. Don’t waiver even in the face of strong logic and reason.

  5. If innocent folks are hurt in your quest for cool anti homer status…no biggie. Being cool is more important than any collateral damage.

  6. Laugh dismissively at anyone who disagrees with your point of view. This is what cool people do.

  7. Don’t concern yourself with little things like integrity or getting the story right, but mock and decry folks who actually do the right thing (obviously they're fake and need to be exposed).

  8. Remember that most sports fans have an even lower IQ than you and although they may hate you… they’ll listen/read/watch... because you’re cool.

  9. Your goal is to be the biggest CAHC possible.
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