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Brady tried to get Edelman to go to Bucs. Edelman said "absolutely not"

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"(Tom) hit me up the first day he signed there, like, 'You wanna come down?'" "I was like, 'Absolutely not.'"

Tom Brady officially signs contract with Buccaneers
Mar 20, 2020

Patriots have terminated the contract of WR Julian Edelman,
per the wire. He’s listed as a failed physical.
April 12, 2021

Julian Edelman retires after Patriots release: ‘Hell of a run’
April 12, 2021


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Players cannot tamper, according to the rules.

The way BB dealt with things with Tom and his crew, I wouldnt doubt that Edelman couldve gone to the Bucs for like a seventh conditional pick or something

Edelman showed a lot of loyalty, gotta love the Squirrel
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Tom did the same thing when even though he was retired, Gronk was still officially under contract with the NEP.

Only difference he is JE was still an active player.

Tom was recruiting- not tampering.

Non story.


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I was talking about Brady joining an “all star team”. It wasn’t.
If Brady would have joined the Lions, Jaguars or a team like the Jets, then I would agree with you....The Bucs have an all pro team.....


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Going to lock this thread...I see it already going bad....this is a big week for us and we have a huge game...more important things to focus on.
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