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Dec 6th

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That's Bold...

January 2022 Amid rumors of pressure from the front office, photo emerges of napkin bearing the simple message "I resign as HC of the New England Patriots," signed Bill Belichick
January 2022 Robert Kraft signs @Biffins and @DropKickFlutie as co-head coaches
January 2022 Josh McDaniels fired, replace by two crows
Super Bowl Week, 2022: Roger Goodell declares avocado a performance-enhancing drug, docks Tampa Bay two first round draft picks
Feb. 2022 Brady repeats with Tampa Bay
March 2022 Brady mysteriously turns down long-term contract offer with TB
March 2022 Gronk mysteriously retires
March 2022 Brady, Gronk, and BB hold joint press conference announcing they have been retained by your New York Football Giants
April 2022 Eli Manning lured out of retirement to serve as Patriots QB coach
August 2022 Patriots' new brain trust demote Mac Jones, signs QB Zach Collaros of the 2019 Grey Cup winning Winnipeg Blue Bombers
September 2022 Rhamondre Stevenson released from fumble jail en route to 2,000 yard season
February 2023 "Comeback Player of the Year" Cam Newton hoists first Lombardi ever after turning around the fortunes of some damn team or another


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If DropKickFlutie becomes the head coach, McDaniels doesn't get fired. He gets the firing squad.

Absolutely not.

A golden recommendation for the NY Jets job, and can't believe they managed to pry him away with a better offer <wink wink>>



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Brady is caught eating a Subway italian cold cut foot long with extra olive oil….his comment, eff Avacado ice cream