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Biggest Playoff Disappointment

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Not a post about yesterdays game. :) which playoff lost was the worse for you. It’s subjective I know but curouis.

This is not based on INDIVIDUAL performance. I know every fanbase has a rich history of losing/winning etc. I certainly have no room to talk considering my team sucks and did not make the playoffs. However, I am curious outside of the SB losses which Playoff game lost was most surprising to you? I am sure most we say the championship games but I am sure there are a few that feel some games were winnable that got away from them.

You can included SB losses if you'd like but I think that would be obvious lol
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As far as disappointing playoff losses go, this one isn't anywhere near the top.
1) Losing the 19-0 season in 2007 is easily the worst loss. That one was so bad that many Pats fans still can't talk about it and may not be happy that I mentioned it here.

2)The Jets loss in 2010 was the next worst. That was when Bill decided to punish Wes Welker by sitting him for the first series. That seemed to catch the team by surprise and they lost to a team that they had beaten 45-3 a few weeks earlier. At the end of that 45-3 win the team mocked the Jets. They were paid back in spades.

3) Next was the 2009 blowout at the hands of the Baltimore Ratbirds. That was a big surprise and one of Brady's few one-and-done playoffs.

When all is said and done though, we've been blessed with the greatest 20 year run in NYFL history so we can't complain.


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Remember when the Pats were the #1 seed after winning 7 in a row against pretender and damaged teams.....

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Remember when Bill was projected to win Coach of the Year by media fluffers and basement dwelling fanboys....

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Remember when Mac Jones was the Rookie of the Year lock......

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Remember the last time Buffalo punted........

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Remember when Bill spent $100's of millions improving the roster....

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Remember 4 weeks ago when Bill said the coaches had to be better after the Patriots defense couldn't force Buffalo to punt.....

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I should clarify I am not asking about how disappointing this game is. Just wanted to know in your opinion which playoff game is the worse


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anyone answering anything other then losing the undefeated season is either lying, or the trauma caused them to forget it exists.


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As a complete team failure this is objectively the worst and it's not close.

In terms of emotional stakes and historic significance it was obviously the 18-1 loss.

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This was the biggest meltdown/embarrassment, but it wasn’t close to the biggest disappointment, based on how much of the sporting world defines those words.


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Certainly 2007 SB is the worst all time. (but not including SB's right?)

How about the 2006 AFCCG loss to Colts - they came back from 20-3 to win 34-38
and the 2015 AFCCG loss to Broncos - the "Gronk drive" that fell short on the 2pt conversion.


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This one may be the most embarrassing but definitely not the worst.

07 is obviously the only answer for most disappointing. Then I would say the Jets in 2010 and for me the 2015 season against the Broncos. That whole season was a series of coaching blunders that cost us home field and eventually the season. Putting Harper back to field a punt in the snow in Denver, screwing around with the mortar kick against Philly which ignited their comeback, Bill sending that weird message to god knows who by running Stephen Jackson 15 times to start the game down in Miami in a game we needed for home field advantage. Peyton was toast and we had to play on the road in Denver with Bryan Stork tipping the snap count with his head bobbing or whatever it was since Deguglielmo was a crappy O-line coach.


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I thought we were going to get blown out going in. Momentum is huge. We went into the game in a poor state, probably low confidence after the disastrous past month. It was a recipe for getting our asses kicked.

Still embarrassing but at least I didn’t expect to win.

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2006 Colts. Bad calls, like really bad. The dropped pass. Just brutal. All that was left was a very incomplete Bears team.

2010, from beatdown on Turkey day to utter disappointment. Gronkowski and the two te set had emerged. Still had Welker. One of Bradys finest seasons as a pro. Squandered

2009 Rat tirds stepped on Pats early and it was shocking. Was forced to work that day so only caught the 2nd half.

2015 Broncos. Broncos Brutalized Brady but he got up like Rocky off the canvas. Despite The most obvious hold by Talib on a wide open Gronk in the endzone which would of certainly been two and Ghost missed kicks they still almost pulled it off.

2005 Broncos. In a game where Patriots dominated yardage and every other category except the biggest one which was turnovers. Turned it over like 4 or 5 times, refs missed Watsons strip for a touchback on the pick 6 from Brady to Champ Bailey.

07 is a super bowl and on a different level so dont think sb’s are considered playoff losses by op. Pats had already won 3, turnovers in 05, ref game in 06 and then the game the Pats could of played 20 times and won 19 of them in 07. Worst loss ever period. Ohara holding Seymour in a strangle hold sticks out to me the most about that game. Not the helmet catch or dropped interception by Samuel.

Alas, throw the losses in with the great wins and its an incredible story regardless. The Raven down by 14X2 game, the Snow bowl and many others. The 6 super bowls is an amazing accomplishment but what really sticks out is the amount of afc championship appearances. Especially the sequential where they went to 8 in a row. Usually the loser of the superbowl or afc championship are strangely considered losers. Like bigger than the other 28-31 teams that didnt make it there. Never got that.


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While this was a huge beatdown, I would say that losing to the Ravens in '09 was as big a beatdown, given that this one had more talent disparity than that one. The Ravens loss washorrific.