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BGC 2023 IDL/PTP Thread

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IDL/PTP Thread.

Bresee was one of the biggest recruits ever. Certainly in my lifetime. Why does that matter? It means everyone already knows his name at all levels. Bias can and will creep in in different ways, if you're not careful. Even the highest level. No one is going to draft him on that alone but it's a decent head start in terms of notoriety.

An absolute unit at 6'5 300 and isn't close to done in terms of filling out. He's looked different since grade school and I'm sure he had to bring his birth certificate everywhere he went for a few years. He's a monster with what looks to be above average length for arms. Big thick kid that'll probably play somewhere around 315 when he's done filling out around 24-25 years old.

First thing I noticed watching him is his movements and how loose he is. Very loose, fluid prospect at 300 + who stands out in short areas. I wouldn't call him "twitchy", not stop & start on a dime quick but very efficient in that regard. Does take a moment to get all that mass going. Burst and explosion are inconsistent but very good when on. All this is important bc he's going to play inside next level. And you can't rush from an inside technique / alignment without taking advantage of slower IOL OL'm rushing 1/2 man. And you're getting far without that fluidity.

Looks comfortable and effective rushing on manipulated rushes but could tighten up his path and steps.

In his short time at Clemson he's been everywhere. 6/7T, over the ball at nose, almost everywhere inside. Lots of potential but you'd like to see him become a "master" of something before making the jump or at least gain more experience somewhere.

Seems to have good block recognition. Proper angles, Eyes are always in the backfield. Shows good patience at times in run game you usually dont see from a guy his size (handling misdirection). Lots of confidence in himself. Committed to gaining and maintaining winning with leverage.
Could utilize his length a little better imo.

Would like to "the beast" come out more. It's definitely there you've seen the aggressiveness since hs. He's one of the best athletes and biggest kids out there. Would like to see him "see red" a little more and just clear out bodies in front of him when it's time to hunt. Very nice job penetrating but I'd like to see him add more power and nasty to his game.

We could have quite the class with a little luck. Probably the best looking overall class in recent years. Everyone's probably heard of Carter from watching UG. Incredible short area movement skills and burst. He some Sapp in his game. Just a wrecking crew, bowling ball that can shoot, ricochet off people very good contact balance.

Roy, Collins and Davis have serious potential as well. Big Dex is a monster just scratching the surface. Bunch of others close to that range that could make a jump (Kancey, Ojomo, Player) This could be a very good class no matter what type you're after. Have a few more names to add but this is a good list to start with.

Tier 1A
Jalen Carter - 6'3/310 - Georgia

Bryan Bresee - 6'5/300 - Clemson

Alfred Collins - 6'5/305 - Texas

Jaquelin Roy - 6'4/300 - LSU

Gervon Dexter - 6'6/315 - Florida

Tier 1B
Tyler Davis - 6'2/300 - Clemson

Calijah Kancey - 6'/275 - Pittsburgh

Tier 2
Siaki Ika - 6'4/350 - Baylor

Tim Smith - 6'4/310 - Alabama

Cory Durden - 6'4/310 - NC State

Moro Ojomo - 6'3/290 - Texas

Jaxon Player - 6'/295 - Baylor

Zacch Pickens - 6'4/305 - South Carolina

Keith Randolph Jr - 6'5/300 - Illinois

Mosiah Nasil-Kite - 6'2/305 - Maryland

Tuli Letuligasenoa - 6'2/300 - Washington

DJ Dale - 6'3/300 - Alabama

PJ Mustipher - 6'4/325 - PSU

Tier 3
Jared Harrison-Hunter - 6'4/285 - Miami

Tuli Tuipulotu - 6'4/290 - USC

Jermayne Lole - 6'2/305 - ASU

Nathan Pickering - 6'4/300 - Mississippi St

Mazi Smith - 6'3/325 - Michigan

Justin Rogers - 6'3/335 - Kentucky

Dante Stills - 6'4/280 - West Virginia

CJ West - 6'2/330 - Kent St

Tier 4
Ami Finau - 6'2/330 - Maryland

Howard Cross III - 6'1/275 - Notre Dame

Jayson Ademilola - 6'3/280 - Notre Dame

Akheem Mesidor - 6'2/270 - Miami

Scott Matlock - 6'4/295 - Boise St

Taron Vincent - 6'2/305 - OSU

Chidozie Nwanko - 5'11/295 - Houston

Braden Fiske - 6'5/300 - Western Michigan

Ethan Saunders - 6'3/300 - California

Billy Wooden - 6'1/310 - UMASS

Damarcus Elliott - 6'3/310 - Indiana

Aaron Faumui - 6'1/300 - Virginia

Dashaun Mallory - 6'2/285 - Michigan St

Ifeanyi Maijeh - 6'2/280 - Rutgers

Nico Ezidore - 6'2/285 - Texas St

Devonnsha Maxwell - 6'2/295 - Chattanooga

Jonah Tavai - 6'/295 - San Diego St

Kyon Barrs - 6'3/295 - Arizona

Daymond Williams - 6'3/285 - Buffalo

Dom Peterson - 6'/285 - Nevada

Jowon Briggs - 6'1/300 - Cincinnati

Will Choloh - 6'/290 - Troy

Lamonte McDougle - 6'/290 - UTSA

Charles Coleman - 6'3/270 - South Alabama
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At work forgot to put in link I'll do it in a few when a add others. From Feldman's freak list. Harrison's kid is #3. Unbelievable how times flys

His former teammate, Aidan Hutchinson, almost was our top guy in 2021, but this year a Wolverine is the No. 1 Freak in college football. The 6-foot-3, 337-pound senior has rare power and agility. So rare, in fact, it’s hard to find the right superlative to begin with. But let’s start with this: Smith does 22 reps on the bench press, but that’s with 325 (not 225). He close-grip benched 550 pounds. He vertical-jumps 33 inches. He broad-jumped 9-4 1/2. Smith, who had 37 tackles last season, has clocked a 4.41 shuttle time, which would’ve tied the best by any defensive tackle at this year’s NFL Scouting Combine, and it would’ve been better than any defensive tackle weighing 310 pounds or more in the past decade. His 6.95 3-cone time would’ve been by far the fastest among defensive tackles in Indianapolis. The fastest was 7.33. Smith’s 60-yard shuttle time is 11.90.

The Wolverines do a reactive plyo stairs test, which is a series of seven 26-inch high stairs that players attempt to jump up as fast as possible. The team record is 2.21 seconds. Smith did it in 2.82. To better gauge just how impressive that is, Hutchinson, some 60 pounds lighter than Smith, did it in 2.57.
Even more remarkable: The Wolverines also do a workout on their combo-twist machine, which is designed to show a player’s ability to rotate an opponent but also their ability to resist being rotated in the trenches. Smith had the machine completely tapped out. There was only enough room for 300 pounds on each side of the machine for a 600-pound max.

“For Mazi, it wasn’t even challenging,” says one of the Wolverine strength coaches. A staffer called the manufacturer to see if there was a way to extend it, then ultimately contacted a private company to build custom extenders for the combo-twist, which made it capable of loading up to 800 pounds to accommodate Smith.
“Mazi’s rotational strength is ridiculous,” said longtime Michigan strength coach Ben Herbert, who said Smith is the strongest defensive lineman he’s seen in 25 years in the business. “He is an incredible combination of rare traits packaged into one player. He is just ridiculously strong and powerful.”
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