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BGC 2022 RB/PTP Thread

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On the Roster
We have two running backs with some age ti them, white and bolden.

bolden contributes mightily on special teams and is good injury insurance.
White is at the point where he breaks down every couple of plays.

I think bb has to look at getting us younger in the running back room!
I'd like to see us get James Cook, RB, Georgia. Good runner and receiver. Would be a good replacement for James White.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
I like Zamir White, Ty Chandler, and Rachaad White.

Zamir has the very rare combination of homerun speed and size/aggresiveness to pound it inside. Runs angry. Reminds me of a poor man's Adrian Peterson.

Ty Chandler and Rachaad White are versatile speed backs that can hit the outside stretch as well as catch passes. Comparables: Tony Pollard, Matt Breida.