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BGC 2022 CB/PTP Thread

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Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
Seems like we might steer away from the big press corners with Hill, Waddle, Diggs, Moore in the division. McDuffie would be great but someone like Marcus Jones would be a useful piece to have against those types of players. I think Dax Hill could do it too, which is why he's on my short board for 21.

I think Hill has the versatility to play corner this year and then potentially transition to free safety next year if Devin retires.

Ochmed Jones

Pro Bowl Player
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
What about Dax Hill? Does he have a future at Outside CB (which we Do need), or is he strictly a Big Slot/Free Safety (which we Don't need)?

Hill can definitely be an outside or slot corner.

Bb has been taking a lot of Michigan players lately and I think hill is on his radar. Maybe not at 21, but maybe at 24 or 29.

Jim Beankie

In the Starting Line-Up
I'm starting to (luke)warm up to Kaiir Elam (10.83 100m in HS) as our pick (after a trade down, assuming someone like a Davis doesn't fall to the Pats' lap), although he had that knee sprain. At least it wasn't a full tear like Armour-Davis (10.72 100m in HS) early in his college career, which is maybe why his 20shut/3cone times are poor. Elam more than held his own against Alabama the last 2 seasons, while Stingley got taken to the woodshed. Booth I'm worried about re: injuries, and I don't think McDuffie (10.82 HS 100m) will make it to 21. Zyon is fascinating, as he's got insane all around speed (and I unfortunately have Al Davis eyes), although there's the much better Dax Hill (11.01 100m in HS as a sophomore). McCreary lost a pinch of his soul I think when this happened against Metchie, but after 4OTs, I'm not sure he had much left:



Pro Bowl Player
Dax Hill would be a sleeper pick if we traded down from 21. Other posters have said he could have a Devin McCourty career track - played initially at CB and then later shifted inside to FS after McCourty retires.


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
It always nice when your binkie actually gets taken. Can't wait to see Jones inaction - pity it might have to wait until training camp.

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