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DRAFT BGC 2021 Pats Big Board - Draft Thread

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Nov 28th

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#1 Mac Jones fan Supporter
I'd like to use this thread to get a little more specific. Some think it's impossible to figure out what Bill will do. I know guys like Phil Perry and I'm sure others have a list of perfect pats or something like that.

I do the same but take it a step further and try to put a board together resembling what a big board would look like for us. I've always tried to highlight Patriot-Type Players/Prospects but the board gets more specific with who (prospects) & how much (value).

I put the it together using a combo athletic profile / testing, my opinion on who would fit here, where their value is and a little bit of need, current-future roster make-up.

2021 Patriot-Type Big Board

There's a horizontal & vertical board. The vertical board is "value groupings" inspired or coordinated. I'm going to do another vertical board at some point, more BPA inspired / coordinated but I think this is a pretty decent board. I'll try to cut down some. A few names might be added or subtracted but this is a good 90-95% done. It's not so much someone popping out of the woodwork at this point. There are sleepers anymore. Just making a case for who should be on/off.

I'd like to use this thread to talk about who we want off the board. If someone isn't on that belongs on there please state your case, for or against. Doesn't have to be a pin-point presentation. I could be wrong or miss something.

Their fit here, usage - short & long term. Help me figure out who we need this year and next year.

Looking at that prospects, value, who would you be happy with for the first 3-4 picks for example?

What does the board tell you, how would you attack it with all our picks, needs and who's available?

I'm going to write up and drop some notes from prospects off the list. Please ask anything questions about any prospect, especially on the board.

Also here are my draft grades


#1 Mac Jones fan Supporter
Justin Fields
He's very coachable and wants to be coached. You see it in his behavior and actions on & off the sidelines. Engaged, focused. He's been working with former/current NFL players & coaches for years. He wants to be pushed and knows this isn't his final form. He knows there's a lot of work to do to get there. Whether it's reading concepts, throwing on the move or working on other issues hes a worker that doesn't run from mistakes. Everything on & off the record from OSU coaches have been positive.

Plenty of arm talent. Routinely shows off the ability to make NFL throws. Plenty of strength and velocity. Tight windows, far hash ropes, easy gas to touch 60 yards. In terms of the tough NFL passes, he makes them routinely. Nice touch, placement & accuracy. Can drop it over a shoulder, fit it on the sidelines, throw a change up - feather it over a defender and before the lines. Can also thread the needle, fire it through traffic. Arm talent is ++.

Almost a 3/4 throwing motion. Tight front shoulder, smooth delivery that could be a lil quicker but it's fluid & efficient. Ball jumps out. Slight hitch at times up top. Overall clean & effective. Could it improve, sure but show me who's couldn't at this stage to some degree. Base is solid - set, plays with enough bounce to evade. Nice balance in his lower half, allows him to really push, drive the ball. Can slide & disappear from would-be rushers, smooth lateral footwork but you don't see enough of it. It's there though. Need to see more. Would like to see him help himself more here. Creating, reworking a platform. Overall pretty clean but I believe his lower half could be more involved. Back foot comes up too often imo. Nice footwork but could faster, a little more efficient. Overall again pretty good but could improve some.

Fields plays with a toughness that should be unquestioned. It gets him into trouble at times imo. He might think he's a little bigger and faster than he is but he has "all in" mentality and toughness. There's no "fake it" here. He'll stand in the pocket or run for a first down, take a hit no problem. Frustrating at times but you don't win by playing scared in the NFL. Funnel and channel it. Designed runs, know when to toss it away, ease up on the contact. I could see him playing in the northeast. Has the size, arm and mentality imo. I think there's a "chip on the shoulder" angle here. Been tied with Lawrence forever. All this pre-draft nonsense, I'm sure Bill would have him on a mission.

Improved throwing on the move big time since HS. Maybe Lawrence's biggest asset is throwing to his non-dominant side. Fields has a lot of potential on the move as well. Bootlegs, scrambling, misdirection he's a big time threat with his athleticism and arm. 4.4 speed. Natural and comfortable here. Also saw improvement on finding his hot read and being quicker there. Good sign, I saw him fire the ball out many times here when he recognized pressure or had to go hot.

Pocket presence could definitely improve. Too often late to react, improvise at times. It's there and you see it but the feel and reaction need to be faster. I get the sense that at times he sees it coming but just thinks his athleticism and strength will be enough to make something happen. A lot of times that works. Those instances are coachable and can be worked out. These are mostly in front of him, he'll pretend like he doesn't see them and move at the last moment. Those can improve. It's the edge where his feel is really hit or miss. That is definitely a point of emphasis imo. Great command, vocal and active. They would run difference cadences, have snap issues and he deals with it. Recognizes and adjust pre & post snap. Its obvious he puts in the work. From his ability to work concepts & go through progressions. To his ability to look of certain defenders, know the weak spots in coverage and players to target. Able to do it all in that regard, could be faster. Overall very good but needs to improve his anticipation, need a little hurry up and work.

Needs to pass with anticipation more consistently but has flashed throwing lead shoulder and other examples many times.

Ran a complex system at a young age and excelled in many areas. OSU went away from mesh, we'll "out athlete" you every other play and went to a more vertical based offense. More option routes. More QB-WR on the same page stuff. Fields ran the most complex system out of the big names. Displayed he's the most accurate pocket passer in the class (almost every analytic person out there says Fields is the most accurate passer in the class) who just happens to run a 4.4. Prototype size - Cut up 6'3 225. Proportioned, loose muscles.

Fields has displayed great decision-making, accuracy and command in the pocket with a rifle for an arm. Precise, can hit from any distance on the field without reckless abandon. His pocket presence has to improve but it's not a killer, just a real area for growth.

Fields also has silly athleticism. Athleticism that wasn't always utilized probably imo. At times it looked like he wanted to prove a point hanging in the pocket. Where not talking huge leaps and bounds. Slight advancements with his presence and feel would go a long way.

Prospects like Fields don't come along every year. Pocket passers with a ratio of 60+ passing TD's to less than 10 INT the last two years. Athleticism to make defenses think, hesitate and suffer. He has that killer mentality and again I think Bill could really do work with him. Both have a lot to prove short term and could be a great pair.

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Trey Lance is the second QB on my PTP board. Lance is such an intriguing prospect. I said it with Fields but it wouldn't surprise me if Lance was the best QB of this draft. His potential and peak are as big as anyone including Lawrence. What we saw from Allen last year is exactly what I think Lance could be and plus some. That's fresh in people's minds and will only help Lance in a few weeks. Haven't felt this way personally about a prospect since Jackson fwiw.

At 19 he completed almost 70% of his passes and posted a 28-0 TD/INT ratio. Quick name me his best weapon? Exactly. He was the weapon, offense. Sure his competition wasn't the best but he was absolutely brilliant at times and displayed great decision-making. Like Fields, Lance isn't reckless, very poised and relaxed. In fact he might have some of the best poise and pocket presence in the draft. Mind & body are working together. Great feel, command and presence.
Just a natural feel for where & when pressure is creeping in from. Steps up, slides, footwork under fire can be impressive. Works, works under he sees daylight, eyes always looking for a target.

Has a whip for an arm. Not quite Josh Allen but that type of potential for sure. Can throw it through a wall, lead his man, displayed touch in tight spots - lofty, no aim-just let it go type stuff. Accurate. Placement & touch are there for change ups. Not many examples of different arm slots or angles but they're there. Lance was/is young, remember 19 after getting told no to playing QB certain teams. You can see him being a little conservative but he was the offense there. Like Fields he needs to pass with more anticipation as well but considering circumstances, context. It's tough to say he's anywhere but ahead of schedule here.

I love Lance's mechanics. He's really worked on his back leg, foot. Making sure that back leg isn't straight, keep some bounce in that leg. Front shoulder is tight but could be tighter at times. Started using his hips more. Love his foot firing, strong but always active base. He really puts himself in a good position to succeed. Can work a new platform or manipulate an old/new one. Has to be more consistent but he's got real potential here. Clean, chain-like mechanics that deliver a fire ball or moon ball. Lots of potential here.

Tough kid that can run away or over you if you're a DB, smaller LB. Definitely an area of concern bc he thinks he's superman, needs a talking to. Slide, get down, out of bounds. Unless It's a playoff game you don't seek out contact. Seriously though he's a bull at 6'4-225, rocked up. Love the passion and effort. Could be a nightmare in short yardage situations for sure.

Can't help but think he's do well in this environment, cold weather conditions. Where he's from and the way he carries himself, think he'd be perfect here.
Everything I've heard and read points to him being a real worker. Big-time competitiveness and drive. Prepares like crazy. Working on his own movements and tendencies. Other players and teams. It's obvious why a QB hires a QB coach but when he hires an OL coach to further that knowledge and relationship on the line it tells you all you need to know. Could definitely see him and Bill sitting down every week.

Moved players and adjusted plays pre snap. Comfortable under center. Kept the trains running on time, could find his hot. Need to see more anticipation and trust in his WR's but you can understand it not being top notch at 19. Between experience & lack of playmakers it's easy to see why he's not at his peak in every area. Had some trouble post snap moving through his reads but it wasn't a doa situation. Just an area to focus on. I noticed it up top, high, MOF.

Lots of NFL type passes. Deep moon shots with natural accuracy & touch, drops in the bucket, between defenders. Plenty of juice to let off bullets. Small sample size but his flashes are fire. He can throw it out the stadium. Get him playmakers. Develop him and let him grow, make a few mistakes. Get a feel for what he can really do. Lots of upside overall.

Him and Fields are guys I'd be thrilled with at 15 and would gladly give up future assets to get one. 15, a future 1st and 2nd plus 4th without hesitation. The NFL is a 2-3 year league. This isn't setting you back more than that. And lets not forget, young highly drafted QB's always have return value short term. You're getting something back if things go bad. There are other options at QB but I'm more than comfortable with each in terms of talent, upside, value and fit here. I'd be fired up if we landed either.

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Rashawn Slater plays with an excellent blend of athleticism, balance & mental processing/toughness. Experience playing both tackle spots and looks like an ideal guard if need be. Skill set is enticing enough but plays with desired toughness and fight every play.

Love his acceleration and movements in the run game. Gets on his man quick, climbs to the second level with ease. On top of his man in a jiffy. 2 for 1 type blocks at times bc of his quickness and sharp angles. Will impede or take out multiple defenders in his line of fire. Crisp, efficient angles and path. Love his accuracy hitting smaller targets. Even if it's not a big piece he'll get enough to make it work.

Quick, choppy feet that go toe to toe with most speed rushers. He doesn't sell-out to the edge, always uses his drag-hand, keeps a side-eye on inside rush. + awareness and natural feel for what's coming at him. Enough to speed to take away the arc. Enough anchor to stop power, decent hop step. His mental processing is good though, quick, very aware. Not surprised at all.

Hands have to improve overall imo. Run & pass pro. Inconsistent timing that people will confuse for "lack of length". Inconsistent placement, too far outside. His strikes are effective and accurate at times but he has to be more consistent with timing & placement. Potential is there. You see feints, clean strikes, strong mitts to snatch a body. It's there, lots of potential if that clicks.

Love his balance overall - contact balance carrying a rush away from the pocket/QB. Little too bendy at times but he plays with ideal balance most of the time.

+ play-functional strength-generates nice torque. Power run game isn't moving anyone out of the picture but he's good enough for sure. Again more of an angle, move-space blocker in terms of strengths but he can get it done in all areas. Not a true power player more finesse and athleticism, smarts. I wouldn't shy away from him no matter the scheme I'm running. He's a fighter not backing down from anyone.

Versatile but effective not just a nice thing to mention. Either tackle spot, guard.

Love his movements, linear and laterally. Smooth mover that is quick & brings a thump.

Pad level could improve.

Lots of good tape against good comp, not just Chase Young.


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This could be future pick considering we probably won't have as much money to spend next year and someone could be gone. Fortunately for us there are two big boys - prototype day one starters that scream PTP. These guys aren't reaches, have legit first round value. So value and need meet perfectly.

Jaycee Horn - size (6'/205), length (33 inch arms), speed (4.4), explosiveness (41 vert) & (11.1 Broad)

Jaycee is his daddy's (Joe Horn) son in a lot of ways. Multiple sport athlete in hs. Tons of trash talking, intensity and confidence. No shortage of those. He wants to shadow and go up against the best. He's played everywhere. Almost 500 snaps in the slot, wide, box, but an ideal press/man corner.

He followed Pitts out wide and inline. Covered Elijah Moore in the slot and Devonta Smith out wide. Along with Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs, Justyn Ross, Terrace Marshall and many others. He's covered every type.

Scheme diverse but again he's made for press man. Well timed and accurate jam at the line. Uses it with aggression. Stays square but loose, bouncy feet for a bigger CB. Efficient footwork. Can mirror in short area - underneath or run with most WR's. Smothers and bullys his man. Reroutes off the line with his length and footwork, in route - catch point with size and aggressiveness. Enough speed to recover in most instances. Haven't seen him burnt or toasted.

+ Awareness, eyes and ball skills in zone. Can bait, great job at filling up lanes and taking away line of sight. Easy, fluid mover. Good instincts & recognition. Plays each rep with a neat balance between reading his man & QB.

Route recognition could improve a bit, overall. Have to think his over-aggressive style doesn't help him here. It's certainly not bad, enough athleticism to rebound but could improve on some head-body fakes at the top of the route. Again he's very good here, patient but recognition could improve slightly.

Run support could be better for sure. Better when he has some room in front of him to build up some momentum. Threat to attack of blitz, slot & boundary.

Comes out his back pedal a little too soon at times. Needs to trust his feet more than hands.

+ press/man, man match and pattern matching. NFL ready with upside. First round value.

Patrick Surtain - was built in a lab. 6'2 almost 210, almost 33 inch arms. 4.4 speed. 10 + broad jump 39 vert and almost 20 reps on the bench. Multiple sport athlete in hs but excelled at track. Was part of an all-star crew in hs (Tyson Campbell, Anthony Schwartz and Miles Jones) Another son of a former great. Played under his father in hs on another all-star team.

Teach book tape for pattern matching. His patience, focus and recognition stand out. Plays with outstanding quiet confidence. Size, length & strength are too much for most pass catchers. Prototype boundary vs bigger targets. Great recognition skills, reads and runs routes routinely for the other team.

Surtain isn't "loose" but isn't stiff for his size. He's a real 6'2/210 so he won't be the most agile athlete on the field but you certainly won't be asking him to cover the more slippery WR's. I imagine once and a while he'll get beat or have certain issues with certain types of routes or WR's but you live with it. Matchups will happen. He has a clear, defined role though imo. You know what you're getting.

Easy mover for his size. + speed overall.

Recognition skills and trigger are top notch. More than not he has a good idea of what's coming. Doesn't take the bait on fakes from WR or misdirection from design.

Ball location isn't where you want it to be but not a killer.

Should and could be more physical overall. Besides his FBI (football I.q.) It's his calling card or should be. He's going to be asked to go up against the biggest and baddest, he needs to be more aggressive. Both physically and mentally.

Sound, sure tackler you can depend on.

Improving on his strength's will make all the difference in the world imo. He has to own and relish that bully role.

I'll mention Farley bc he's a freak in his own right. Great instincts, size and athletic ability. He's a loose 6'2/200 with 33 inch arms. You don't see his potential every day for sure. His instincts really stick out in different areas of play. Combined with his athleticism you can see a scheme diverse player. With his ACL a few years back, recent injury (isn't a killer but doesn't help), limited film/games. He's not an option at 15 for me but that doesn't mean Bill & co see it the same way. He won't be on my board (just don't see him landing here) but is a name to know for sure. Depending on what happens he could be great value. If he we're healthy he's firmly be on the board. Still wouldn't rule out a trade back and scoop situation if we like him. I definitely think someone grabs him late round one as BPA/value pick. Tough to pass up his attributes late round one.

All 3 are great prospects that are similar and different at the same time. If I were us, I'd lean Horn and Surtain slightly behind him. Rams or Hawks, maybe Surtain. Cowboys, maybe Farley. + Man, zone, press, cover 3 - all are versatile prospects with + size and length.
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Teven Jenkins

Jenkins is a big-time worker. He's always working for position-gain leverage. Hands are always active fighting for control. Control is a huge part of his game. Not the most athletic but explosive in close quarters which matters a ton. Once he's on you or gets some movement going he'll usually generate enough power/torque and move you further or put you on the ground. I always watch where OL/DL start/finish and he's a people mover.

Very nice hand usage, again hes a worker here. Win or lose he's always fighting for control which in some cases is enough to survive the rep. Nice accuracy and timing. Nice jolt when he touches you.

+ footwork to mirror up & down the arc. At times plays a little to high as he gets up the arc but few and far between. Nice patience doesn't panic. Usually plays from feet up, maintaining good leverage, stays squared up.

Love his recognition and awareness in the run game. Timing when holding a block, when to come off is +. Accurate on combos, routinely saw him impacting multiple defenders position in the second level. Hes a handful in the run game. Quick, nasty and always wants to finish!

Jenkins is a really interesting prospect bc I firmly believe he can be a very good tackle but a possible great guard. Specifically bc of his initial explosive movements, hand usage and grip control. I'm not a coach so I only put so much thought into where a prospect can play, I just try to tell you if he can play, what he can do, where (team/system) he'd fit etc ..

This guy can play. Seems like a good guy off & on the field. Someone you can depend on and count on in the future. Very good tackle, great guard, I'll let coaches figure that out but he has major potential at both positions imo. Could be fine piece to your puzzle going forward.


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Waddle is exactly what this team needs and from a talent, skill-set and personnel standpoint. Rn we're equipped to control and handle the MOF/shallow - underneath. Henry, Smith, Meyers, Bourne, White, we have no shortage of options. What we need is true speed to stretch the field vertically and horizontally and Waddle brings that day one.

Instant speed and game changing acceleration. His wheels have a turbo gear. His acceleration though is just wicked. It kills angles and changes the way you approach defending him and line up. Waddle didn't test recently but is on tape going stride for stride with Henry Ruggs after a leg workout. Safe to say he's a legit 4.3 player with another gear. Elusive and slippery. Just dripping with speed and agility.

Very impressive on over routes, speed and angles make it impossible to keep up. Nightmare on doubles bc of his ability to maintain or increase speed on a curve. He's able to weave through defenses without giving up speed. Eats up grass in a hurry. Just dripping with speed and agility.

Nightmare on doubles bc of his ability to sink-sell and explode out of first move. Decent tracking ability but could improve. Post/corner, anything where he's given space to work is tough on defenders. Lots of potential on curls/comebacks. His elusiveness and change of direction are very good. Give him a chance, get the ball in his hands.

Love his mentality. He'll never be a bully, have a huge catch radius in terms of length but he has a "my ball" attitude for sure. Lots of fight & attitude. Shows up on tape consistently, as a WR & return man.

Hands have been good, no problems there. He's made a few tough plays to show them off. Definitely could improve considering the small sample size, lack of games but not a problem by any stretch. He'll use his body occasionally but so what as long as it's not a go-to which it hasn't been. So many WR use their body at times, sometimes its called for.

Waddle needs experience, experience and more experience imo. He simply doesn't have a ton of tape to criticize or draw off of. I'd bring him along very slowly. Don't ignore the obvious here, his gifts are good enough to make defenses go crazy this year. Work on his release game, feet, hands vs press. Have him catch 10k balls every off-season. Tracking could improve. Keep it simple for the short term, small improvements, growth will go a long way with this prospect.
That said this team doesn't need a 100 rec a year WR. We might have 50-70 targets and a prospect like him could truly maximize those targets and get in where he fits in. Opportunity and fit are a go. Value is a little off by my scale but not by a lot. His skill set, strengths are exactly what we need though. He could really help clear out the MOF. Do work underneath. Stretch the field both ways. Again Waddle is deadly on overs. I'd have him & NA run "Yankee" 3-4 times a game.

If we added him, we'd have multiple deep/boundary threats. Multiple MOF options. And multiple sideline - flat options. All of a sudden our offense looks a lot different.


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Devonta Smith
Release - Versed / Nuanced at the los with a variety of release moves and techniques to create space. Quick, soft foot firing feet. Killer jab step, hesitation - stutter variations, speed, stretch, motor ... very patient and super efficient, everything is clean. Nothing is wasted. His patience at that line is superb. Knows how to stem a DB - inside/outside to set his route, re-stem. Killer rocker-step. Smith does an amazing job at attacking & winning the leverage battle. Fantastic at threatening outside leverage to win inside with head/shoulder fakes, stutter steps - creating an outside stem to gain inside leverage. Displays a real understanding of leverage - how to attack it and work it.

Route Running - Very smart, efficient and precise route runner. One of the best in-breaking/slant runners you'll find over the last few years. He does a very good job at using his body to get into his man, subtly creating space off contact. He does this after stacking his man with some hand fighting as well. Let's the route develop. Sells a good vert route. Disguises doubles. Great tracking ability & feel on deep routes. Very adapt, makes it work regardless of situation. Can threaten any area of the field, all three levels. Quick hitters out in the flat. Will keep the chains moving with slants all day. Can win on back shoulders along sidelines. Wins deep off his release, savvy stacking and ability to set up a DB using spacing, blind spots. Can separate at top of route. Very refined at route runner.

Speed/Play Speed, Body Control, IQ - Very quick in-out of breaks, plant step. Not the most explosive but has suddenness and some twitch- juice. He does everything at full speed and can change gears when needed, that's key! Nothing seems hard or is advertised. Everything is fast, clean, fluid. So efficient. Smooth but shows off very good patience and FBI (Football Intelligence) Has some some wiggle and shake - most often makes the first guy miss sometimes second. Great body control, timing and ability to catch through contact for a smaller player. Reliable player going over middle/MOF. Tough, he's a football player that isn't afraid to get hit. Comes back on "broken plays", shows good awareness for down/distance and where he is on the field.

Coverage(s) - Can beat press man with release & hands. Has gone up against NFL talent for years and been leaving bodies behind for years. Bump & run, eats up cushions in soft coverage. Kills zone, his spatial awareness is too good. Guys have been trying to bully him since hs and he's not intimidated.

YAC player who can create space by himself. Off manufactured touches. Not a bull but won't go down by arm tackles.

Hands - Plus, soft, reliable hands that appear strong. Plucks, snatches the ball out the air. Natural pass catcher. Tucks it away with contact/over the middle. Strong enough to fingertip a high point - will hold the ball out/up to avoid a DB ripping the ball away.

Shows regular effort and willingness on blocking. Can stalk block, work on perimeter. No problems here though, lots of fight.

When it comes to concerns, there aren't many. Definitely not any glaring holes. I'm simply looking for reassurance(s) that he can do it rather than proof that he can play at the highest level. There's not a lot he has to learn or things he doesn't do at least pretty well.

Not the biggest prospect. Doesn't bother me. Some want him to add weight. I wouldn't care. A few pounds but don't go crazy he's a small WR no matter if he adds 10 pounds or not. Just be in optimal shape for you.

Will have to prove he can play with the big boys with better technique. Specifically along the los where he wins quick but I'm not worried. That's how he wins, he could teach pros a thing or two. He's displayed everything you want to see but will have to do it against the best athletes (6'+/200+ with length) regularly.

Ultimately it's going to come down to if he can continue to have the same or good success off the line and I'm betting yes.

Thoughts - Outlook

Smith is an outstanding prospect who specializes at getting off the los. Crafty, refined route runner with ball skills and yac ability. Small but tough. Smith is ready to step in day one and play a big role. Ideal slot/z you can move around, take advantage of match-ups when the opportunity presents itself. Again the biggest question is will he have success off the line but that might be his greatest strength. Again I'm not worried. He could be a very good player in almost any system bc of his skill set/traits. Might not dominate but he's a very good, productive player for a long time.

Comparison - Calvin Ridley / Doug Baldwin


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Ja'marr Chase

Route running/Release - Chase offers physicality and finesse off the line. Will swipe, run through, use push/pull to combat press. Getting physical plays right into his game. He expects and welcomes press. Watch the Bama game and look what he did to Diggs. A bigger, probably better athlete. Chase just rag-dolled him. Chase uses his hands from start to finish during a rep. Watch Clemson, really any game. He'll pull/push, arm bar, use his body to push off. Extremely physical throughout the rep. Uses a variety of stutter variations to really maximize his suddenness. Great working off his initial stem. Really understands how to use leverage. Very tight body-head fakes. Chase does an outstanding job at working off leverage while incorporating removing or boxing-out a defender to give his QB a clear target-path for a rec. He's a refined r/r in so many ways. Efficient but will get rough. Displays hand-fighting, subtle pushes and tugs during a route, mainly right before the ball arrives, you see from vets. Can work all areas with success. Money on slants, fades/go, back shoulder, digs ... Chase is very good r/r and has a sweet release game.

Hands/Body Control - Strong, reliable hands he uses to snatch the ball out the air. You have to feel confident throwing to him. Always does a great job using his body at times if the placement is low and the situation calls for it. Hands and body control are probably his best attributes. Just punches his hands through traffic to secure a ball. No double catching. Uses body like a power forward clearing out space. Can contort for a tough rec and go up and get a 50/50, errant pass. That's where he shines. It's where he feels comfortable doing work. Not the biggest at all but great at timing and fearless getting the rock.

Has to work on blocking which is his biggest flaw. Technique and timing need to be reworked all together. Effort is there put he's a little sloppy at times.

Confidence and effort are through the roof. Doesn't give up on plays, isn't afraid of anyone on the field. Chase was routinely matched up against the toughest competition across from him and faced the best CB's in the game last year.

More likely to run through tackles then around a defender. Chase can make a guy miss but he won't be a juke machine next level with NFL speed. Will be more of a Deebo, RB with the ball in his hands. Good acceleration and has short area quicks.

Around 6' but plays 6'4. Really attacks the ball with aggression. Great at adjusting mid-flight, anticipating where the ball will end up and timing up a pass better than the defender.

Has the ability to work slot/out wide. Between his release, route running and physicality he has what it takes to work both spots next level. Also turns into a RB when the ball is in his hands.

Summery -
Chase had one of the best seasons a WR could have at 19 years old. He was the alpha on one of the best offenses of all-time and did it against the best competition the sport has to offer. No shortage on confidence, Chase wants the ball when the game is on the line or to jump start his team. He's a fantastic prospect but will need a QB that fully trust him and OC that understands him in order to fully utilize his skill set from game to game - route to route. Not the most athletic or biggest, Chase won't have his way like he did at LSU but like his teammate Jefferson he brings so much to the table not to work out. Besides what he brings as a football players, attributes etc Chase has the tenacity, attitude and effort you want in every player.

Comparison - Chris Chambers & DJ Moore

Traits that translate ...

Chase has a + release game, hands and toughness.

Route running is diverse and sharp enough. + head & body fakes. Makes it own.

Owns the catch point with hands & top of the route with his body.


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Dillon Radunz
+ run blocker, versatile/diverse in terms of scheme and position imo. Power, zone/gap ... He's someone who can generate good movement going forward - moves hips/feet first - gains leverage - uproots & move - gains/controls his opponents #'s & controls until play is dead. Play strength toughness and want to are there.

Easy mover - not the greatest athlete but can really shoot off the line. Creating lanes, some nice space for carriers. Gets from A to B very quick. Efficient steps. Creates decent torque. Can reach , seal off lanes.

Like his feet, hips and hands in pass pro to mirror. Plays loose. Consistent.

Absolutely needs to get stronger but I don't see that has a negative per say. He's a worker That'll come pretty quick after a year or two training like an NFL athlete.

Think he could improve balance and footwork.

Like Jenkins I believe Radunz could be a very good tackle but possibly, a better guard. Again specifically bc his movement skills. He plays with hips before feet, gets on you in a hurry and plays with nice hand usage. Gaining inside control a lot of the time.

Needs work and experience as a pass protector. Inconsistent footwork offer a soft edge too often.

Love the prospect, potential and versatility here.


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Bobby Brown
Very fun. Athleticism jumps off the screen the screen imo. "At times" player rn still developing but I see a lot of upside. He's still learning how to best utilize he's skills. How to best attack and create weaknesses. Block recognition. But again at times he's explosive and more than a handful.

There will be plays where he just commits and plays low, keeps his pads low and just forklifts his man back 5 yards. Hands are improving. Again still learning how to best set up defenders. He can move though. 325? But he can move, laterally, bend, knife through his man or a double.

One thing I love seeing is him peeking, keeping "low eyes" in the backfield. He'll show colors to a side, sneak a peek below his man's pads and either toss him or hold his ground. Raw but shows smarts in how he handles himself.

+ hands & leverage. He can use and work with space if given some. Can shoot, knife, work around his man after softening the edge with chops and swats. Uses long arm, stab, push/pull, rip. Needs to combine, counter quicker but potential is there.

Doesn't always play under his feet or from the feet up and will lose balance.

Needs to be a little quicker and more physical at poa.



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@BaconGrundleCandy, just wondering if whether a prospect was a team captain factors in to PTP in your assessments at all. I believe it may be a factor within Patriots thinking in the past?
Yup, it does. Not a deal breaker either way but definitely something I look for. I'll also look for "win now" prospects. Bill doesn't take many "projects", likes to know what he's getting right away. I look at everything, try to listen to a prospect speak. What's important to them. How they prepare themselves on & off the field.


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Yup, it does. Not a deal breaker either way but definitely something I look for. I'll also look for "win now" prospects. Bill doesn't take many "projects", likes to know what he's getting right away. I look at everything, try to listen to a prospect speak. What's important to them. How they prepare themselves on & off the field.
Thanks, appreciate that.

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Dillon Radunz
+ run blocker, versatile/diverse in terms of scheme and position imo. Power, zone/gap ... He's someone who can generate good movement going forward - moves hips/feet first - gains leverage - uproots & move - gains/controls his opponents #'s & controls until play is dead. Play strength toughness and want to are there.

Easy mover - not the greatest athlete but can really shoot off the line. Creating lanes, some nice space for carriers. Gets from A to B very quick. Efficient steps. Creates decent torque. Can reach , seal off lanes.

Like his feet, hips and hands in pass pro to mirror. Plays loose. Consistent.

Absolutely needs to get stronger but I don't see that has a negative per say. He's a worker That'll come pretty quick after a year or two training like an NFL athlete.

Think he could improve balance and footwork.

Like Jenkins I believe Radunz could be a very good tackle but possibly, a better guard. Again specifically bc his movement skills. He plays with hips before feet, gets on you in a hurry and plays with nice hand usage. Gaining inside control a lot of the time.

Needs work and experience as a pass protector. Inconsistent footwork offer a soft edge too often.

Love the prospect, potential and versatility here.

Are you sure this is a 1st round profile? Lots of questions and projections for a first rounder, no? Esp. w such a solid OT class.

I liked watching him at Senior Bowl (esp. practices) but remain more sceptical than you about his NFL prospects. Strength at LOS was an issue against low competition and he continued to struggle at Senior Bowl esp. in the game (re-directions/recovery as well). Im not sure how that would make him a good guard prospect for the Pats either (although he looked ok at G in PP 1v1 @SrB).

I do agree he has intriguing versatility. He could be a perfect swing OL that you could use as jumbo TE. I also like Cosell's idea of trying him at center (movement, IQ, awareness..).

There are many better, stronger, safer OT prospects though with safer backup plan as good-vg strong NFL guards. And if you're looking for potential/upside and are willing to gamble 1st rounder i think Spencer Brown fits the bill much better..

THANKS for the thread btw
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I love this, excellent work! Looked over the spreadsheet. Noticed you listed JOK as a safety. He was converted from that to linebacker but he does fit that mold of guys who can play both. Also noticed an aggressive grade on Radunz. One of the biggest knocks on him is he’s undersized for a tackle, wouldn’t that bring him down some? At least among the likes of Darrisaw, Jenkins, etc. I can also see that Newsome over Farley ranking, it’s close and I imagine Farley’s health risk with the multiple back surgeries factors in. Once more, great stuff and I look forward to your updates!


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Interesting you have Micah Parsons off your it the character issues?