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Ben blames the sidelines for botched fake spike

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Oct 24th

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If you keep your eye on Rothlisberger he was focusing on the receiver and double pumped, mind blowing that the sea of patriots in the area didn't cause pause. He was intent on being the hero, dumbass.

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lunch post.

Here's some jedi mind tricks of winning a bunch of stuff:

- When a call goes against you, it's on to the next play, wherever the line of scrimmage is. New down, new distance, new situation.
- It's not 59 minutes and 30 seconds. It's 60 minutes. (Um, plus overtime as needed.)
- When you have any other kind of bad luck, see "when a call goes against you."
- Everybody on the team think this ^^^

It's not rocket surgery. But I can only think of 1 team that consistently approaches games this way - fortunately, it's the one I like the best.

By the way, you know what all of the above looks like if it's not your team?

"The Patriots get all the important calls"
"The Patriots get lucky"
"The Patriots cheat."

Whine about the non-catch all you want, Pixburgh. That interception's on you.

Whats that, he wouldn't have had to throw it at all if the call went your way? But that "if" is a counterfactual. Was HE thinking that? Undisciplined!

What's that? A coaches/QB disagreement? Maybe after the play would be the time for that?

At least that would be the breakdown if we look honestly at it.

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Coulda chucked the thing out of the end zone.
This is not called intentional grounding, but I’m not certain why.

Is it because the QB is not pressured, but is trying to conserve time? What if he was pressured? Are there receivers in the vicinity? Is it only custom never to call grounding in that situation?

What's the black letter and de facto rules here had Roethlisberger sent the ball out of the end zone?

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After watching the "Turning Point" footage of the Steelers sideline, I think Ben is right. That mess is on the coaching staff. Ben should have been given clear instructions on what to do in that situation and the rest of the team should have been on that same page.
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