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Steve Balestrieri takes a look at this weekend's match-ups and believes the Patriots receivers should have their way against Pittsburgh's secondary.

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I think this means he'll get to keep it, no?

RT @TheHerd: Is Tom Brady playing for his job this weekend?

LOVE THIS. See y'all immediately after the game, we'll be breaking it all down for ya note by note

Hamilton gets flagged for an illegal touch pass. Fourth and goal

@econnolly26 lot of zone. I think Rowe's actually had a tougher night but got lucky in a couple of rather large instances

@CBelbel only thanks to drops. otherwise. Two TDs allowed.

.@Edelman11 & @ChrisHogan_15 are the 1st #Patriots duo to each record 100 rec yards in a playoff game since Garron & Cappelletti in 1963.

RT @PFF: Tom Brady on throws 10+ yards downfield 9/11, 184 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT (through end of Q3) #PITvsNE

@scottzolak holding up a "Where is Roger?" sign in the radio booth while his anthem "Your Love" from the Outfield plays will go viral.

Today on @WEEI I said the Patriots would score in the mid-30s. With 16 minutes to play, I stand corrected

"Kickstart my Heart" is Motley Crue's best song.

Tom Brady to Chris Hogan in the playoffs: 13-15, 275 yards, 2 TD.

RT @MikeReiss: After radio analyst @scottzolak held up a sign "Where is Roger?" and was shown on videoboard, crowd begins chanting "Roger,…

@RusherAttack it's been a good crowd tonight (for Gillette)

Eagles fans feeling better about the Rowe trade tonight

Oh my. To see a Big Ben Pump Fake™ in person! It's as glorious as Phil and Jim have always described. I can't stop talking about. He pump fa

Boy is Rowe close to giving up a lot of big plays. Matt Ryan must be salivating watching him.

Patriots have won 104 straight home games when leading after three quarters.

This is Brady's ninth postseason game with three passing touchdowns, tying Joe Montana for the most in NFL history. #PITvsNE

hell, the only target, If Eli Rogers beats you so be it

Art Bell's 2010 Predictions on Coast2Coast

Discussion in 'Political Discussion' started by DisgruntledTunaFan, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. DisgruntledTunaFan

    DisgruntledTunaFan In the Starting Line-Up

    Oct 12, 2006
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    Didn't listen to the show, but someone off another MB did, and gave a recap.

    Home - Coast to Coast AM

    01. Israel attacks Iran
    02. Terror Attack on NY Subway
    03. H-bomb explodes in Paris
    04. New Currency / Barter System
    05. Black Man Gets Double Hand Transplant From White Donor
    06. Cure for Autism
    07. Coldest Winter
    08. Massive Earthquake
    09. Russia attacks Iran
    10. International Force Takes Out Somali Pirates
    11. 1 Year Market Drop Caused By Bankrupt States
    12. Mass Awakening To ET's & Paranormal
    13. Tsunami destroys West Coast
    14. Obama Announces Aliens
    15. Discovery of New/Unknown Species
    16. Handicapped People Cured
    17. U.S. Tornado Outbreak Surpasses 1974
    18. Terror Attack By Muslim Extremists With Guns
    19. Bee Dieoff Reason Discussed
    20. New Volcanoes in U.S./World
    21. Hall of Records Found In Grand Canyon linked to Mayans
    22. Superstorm That Doesn't Quit
    23. Sterility in Men Becomes Common
    24. UFO Hunters gains sister show with live call-ins
    25. 7.3 Earthquake in California
    26. Hollow Earth's North Pole Entrance Rediscovered
    27. People more spiritual
    28. Lie Detector Tested Political Party
    29. Terrorists buried in pigskins in Afghanistan
    30. 2012 happens in 2010 with rapture
    31. Volcanoes in Mojave Desert
    32. Chaos in U.S. caused by Terrorism and War
    33. Visible Planet X Causes Enlightenment
    34. World learns Terrorists and CIA are working together
    35. More People Coming Out As Gay/Bisexual
    36. Hurricane hits Boston while Red Sox, Yankees and Patriots are in town
    37. Obama legalizes Marijauna
    38. Yellowstone Erupts
    39. Non-toxic Pest Control Expands To 35% of Businesses
    40. Nanotechnology cures paralysis
    41. Amero Debuts While Dollar Crashes
    42. San Diego Chargers Win Superbowl
    43. San Francisco Earthquake
    44. Blackout hits Las Vegas, SouthWest U.S.
    45. Major Athlete Unexpectedly Passes
    46. 5.0 Earthquake San Francisco
    47. Stock Market hits 14,500
    48. Top Secret Teleportation Transporation Revealed
    49. Psychic abilities increase
    50. Obama Captures Osama
    51. George Noory Replaced
    52. God is a being of light and approches Earth at speed of light
    53. Increase In Crime
    54. Virus Affects Brain
    55. Revival of Lakota/Native American Ghost Dance By White People
    56. Extraterrestrial Life Discovered
    57. Small Tsunami reveals underwater reptiles
    58. Bigfoot Being Bred At Area-52 In Arizona As A Weapon
    59. Drastic Weather Caused By The Sun
    60. Major Celebrity Abducted By Aliens
    61. Mad Man Markum(1990's-era Time Traveler, Coast guest) Will ReAppear
    62. America Gets It's 51st State
    63. Large Hadron Collider Breaks Down
    64. More Climategate Emails Lead To Indictments
    65. Fish begin disappearing
    66. Random Event Generators Affected By Animals
    67. Many Gold and Silver coins from 19th and 20th Centuries Counterfeited
    68. Major Flu Outbreak
    69. 8.0 Earthquake Off North California Coast
    70. Medical Breakthrough Stops Aging Process
    71. Battle On Pakistan/Afghan Border Reveals Osama Deceased A Long Time
    72. World Wide Web breaks down
    73. Medical Breakthroughs: MS Cure, Vision Cure
    74. Multinational Mission To Mars Announced
    75. Wars Over Fresh Water
    76. Nuclear War Between Israel and Iran
    77. Cattle Mutilations Caused By Big Business To Shut Down Small Farmers
    78. World Peace
    79. Saints Will Win Superbowl
    80. Crime Wave From Latin America
    81. Celebrity Exposed As A Cannibal
    82. Lake Tahoe Is A Volcano
    83. Word Homosexual Will Be Changed To Homophile
    84. Urgent International Space Program Averts Space Disaster(Asteroid, Comet)
    85. Mother Earth Releases Gas From Ocean
    86. Worldwide Financial Collapse Causes One World Currency
    87. Rise In Religion Precipitated By Events
    88. Drug Cartels Topple Mexican Government, U.S. Legalizes Drugs In Response
    89. New Space Telescope Shows Big Bang
    90. Economy Will Get Better
    91. U.S. Pre-Emptively Destroyed By China And Russia
    92. Nuke Found In Shipping Container At East Coast Port
    93. Light Beams Prove Universe Is Round
    94. Strange Cancers In Prominent Persons Caused By Quantummechanical Robots
    95. Dow At 14,000
    96. Scandal rocks Google
    97. Artificially Intelligent Computers
    98. Unorthodox Church Vindicates Its Teaching With Discovery
    99. Nuclear bomb detonates somewhere
    100. China Plans Invasion Of Philippines And SouthEast Asia
    101. NFL Exposed As A Fraud
    102. No Big Changes In 2010
    103. New Comet Visible
    104. 9/11 Evidence Exposes Truth
    105. J.C.(Extremist Christian Fundamentalist, Frequent Coast Caller) Finds Peace
    106. Personal Sacrificing Whistleblowers
    107. Obama gives up Taiwan to cancel debt with China
    108. Cashless Society
    109. Ed Dames will be judged on Coast to Coast
    110. Nuclear reactor melts down in North America
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    Sep 13, 2004
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    You only can read this with tinfoil and rabbit ears on your head.. you know that don't you???
  3. Harry Boy

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    Nov 10, 2005
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    Within the next five years there will be Big News on UFO's

    Remember where you heard it when you do you will say to yourself "jesus christ, harry was right"

    Stay Calm

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