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Alamo's Predict The Score Alamo's Predict the Score Contest: Week 4 - NE @ GB

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Dec 12th
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other lot 20

Remember, constant negativity is a poison. Smile more, you might enjoy it.

Mack Herron

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ESPN's Football Power Index projects the Packers with an 89.4% chance to beat New England, which is currently the most lopsided matchup in an NFL game this season.
GB 28
Pats 13


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Packers 27 - 17


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I don’t predict a loss ever, not because I don’t see this as a very losable game, it is, but because I know there is a path for victory. The packers offense is not some 35 point a game juggernaut that the defense will need to ball out of their minds to contain. Between Damien Harris and Rham they could easily have 150 rushing yards and control TOP. I choose to be happy and want the best, fully knowing that probably won’t happen. Some of you need to lighten up on the total doom and gloom everything they do sucks and the pats won’t even be able to compete.

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The Patriots' chances of winning are in direct proportion to their number of rushes on offense.

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