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Alamo's Predict The Score Alamo's Predict the Score Contest: Week 1: NE @ MIA

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sturmrider Supporter Supporter
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Boy this is the toughest game to pick I have changed my score twice thinking on this being the first game. I just don't know how the different groups will do. I still think Pats win, but I think the score is lower now something like 23 Pats 20 Dolphins and yes I have adjusted the sliders to reflect it.
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Post your predictions here for Week 1, New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins

This contest is open to everyone, it's both a weekly and a season-long contest.
Stakes are bragging rights.


Above the reply box is now an area to make your score prediction. You just slide the bars and select your score, and then post your reply with your prediction
and any additional comments in this thread so we can keep it the same way it always has been, with the exception of having you pick your score.

I haven't heard from Alamo since before last season and I'm hoping doing it this way will allow me to send him the results to make it easier for him to tabulate it. If he's not able to, then this will obviously also make it easier for me to tabulate the results and it will be updated all season, unlike the issues we had previously when it was just difficult for me to go back through and do them.

Again, Alamo's hard work and dedication is obviously underrated - as we well know :)

However, either way - this year you must make a score selection in that window for the entry to count. I tried to make it easy where it's right above the reply box you would normally use anyway, so hopefully, that works for everyone.

Otherwise, each week, either Alamo or I will tabulate and post the scores for the previous week's contest, as well as the cumulative season standings for those who have played every week. This is and always has been his thing, so I'd rather have him hopefully get back involved this year. I'm hoping this helps makes things a little easier for him to do so.

Getting back to the rules, as a one-time allowance for computer problems, forgetfulness, or whatever, one week can be missed and will be assigned that week's average score.

Your score is the COMBINED deviation of your predicted score for the Pats and opponents REGARDLESS OF DIRECTION. For example, if you predict Patriots 31 Texans 23 your score is how many points off of 31 the Pats are (over or under does not matter) PLUS how many points off of 23 the Texans are (over or under again does not matter). Game winner does not matter. Lowest score wins.

You may change your prediction at any time before kickoff, which the window will close at that time and your selection will stand. Please keep this thread to predictions only (after you make the pick), no back-and-forth discussion of the game. A short comment explaining your pick is OK and encouraged after you've made your selection.

Good luck!


Pro Bowl Player
Patriots 13 Dolphins 24

The game is going to feel close but the Patriots fall short on the road. It's just tough for us to win @ Miami for whatever reason.


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Patriots 10 Dolphins 28
Pats start off slow, lots of 3 and outs. Defense in the second half give away some deep throws.

TomPatriot Supporter Supporter
24-20 Pats. Pats scheme and play better than expected. Mac engineers a great final drive, including a third and long bootleg, leading to the win. Dolphins move the ball well, racking up nearly 400 yards total offense, but 3 turnovers cost them.

captain stone Retired Jersey Club
I'm not from Missouri, but these guys need to show me something they haven't shown me in a long time...

NEP - 16

@ LOLphins - 24

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Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
I think people are overhyping the Dolphins and being too negative on the Pats. I think the Pats offense plays better than people thinks it will and I think the Pats' d-line gives Tua some fits.

Pats - 24
Dolphins - 20
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