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Add Mitchell Trubisky to possible road to Patriots QB

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Idk if i would be interested . Seems like the bears always design plays for him so he won’t be aggressive and turn it over.


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He is cerebral enough to grasp New England's complex QB sneak system?

Ochmed Jones

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Regardless of which qb we have, what weapons do we have?

if we don’t improve the offensive skill positions, we are setting up the new qb for failure ala newton!


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Tribisky has played well as of late and is better than any QB on the roster. Absolutely better than sCam too.


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Why would anyone want Trubisky? Buffalo looks like they're going to be really good for the long term. Trubisky is not going to make New England competitive with Buffalo. So I guess if you're hoping to complete with Miami for second place, a possible wild card spot and a quick exit from the playoffs then Trubisky's the man for the job.


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As bad as we complain about taking Harry over Metcalf/Brown/insert name here, how do you think Bears and 49ers fans feel passing on both Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes?


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I had entertained the idea, but hard pass after tonight.