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A little Stidham is on the way

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Dec 18th

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Getting my popcorn ready for the onslaught of posts ripping Stidham.

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Congrats I’m sure they will be great parents which is the most important thing in life.

As for my dig, I sure he’ll be coaching his kid in Tee Ball in a few years because he has zero future in the NFL. I call him Jarrett stINTham


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Gratz to the expecting mamma & papa
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Hey Jarrett... Pape Stidham has a good ring to it!
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It’s alright to be a little Stiddy
Dads a new QB in a brand new City

seriously though, congratulations and best of luck to the Stidhams


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He's a better backup than Hoyer
Yeah I thought the Pats could do a lot better than Stid for a starter and I think they have. I have no problem with him as a backup. Could be wrong but feels like he’s a trade candidate once he comes back.