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What's more unrealistic??

Trading Smith for Brown lol? A borderline top 12 TE for a top legit top 10-12 WR.

Or ...

Trading back to 32 and packaging Harry to Carolina for JC Horn (top ten pick last year) lol
Yes Cousin,
I know it's Weds for you Forum menu connoisseurs, but I had a bacon/veggie and cheese omlet with a hot cross bun, vanilla coffee and orange juice to keep up my strength and build up my attitude for next Thursday. I mentioned that Panthers trade in one of my annoying posts a few weeks back met with a lot of guffaws and chuckles...but I did try to noodle on this. Remember this Forum is for fun and not life altering. It's for amusement.
Here is the blueprint for my thoughts and the facts:

The Panthers have insanely weak Draft capital. They have a 1st round pick at #6 and then not their next pick until #137 in the 4th round. Well that is just poopy. 131 shinny new players get Drafted before the Panthers get an up at the plate. The Panthers have absolutely "0" feeling that Darnold is their franchise guy.

Miami based hedge-fund owner David Tepper has an ego bigger than "The Green Monster" (notice I used a Boston icon for emphasis). He wants a QB who's name is not Darnold. Speaking of Miami, Tepper should swap franchises with the beleaguered Stephen Ross who might get canned from the League.... but that's another post. Tepper wants a big splash like Team owner Anthony Molina in Draft Day.

Jaycee Horn was a first Rounder last year but ultimately got hurt in the third game and that Draft return was sullied. Potential yes, but three broken bones in his foot on a non-contact injury. He looks good today, but you still have to label him as damaged goods. BB has taken chances like this in the past. DT Dominique Easley was a first rounder with knee issues as was Sony Michel, Drafted in the 1st with bad knees known, who was sent packing. Not a 1st Rounder, but Gronk was Drafted with known back issues.

If you look at the CBs in this Draft, after Stingley and Gardner it falls off in talent. I think Horn might have been #1 this year.

There are "0" QB in this Draft class worthy of a top ten pick. Anyone who does that top ten QB dance, especially the Panthers are doing a reach of Biblical proportions. Fitterer must measure every move in this Draft. But there is an old adage, to get something, you have to give something. Pick #21 has value for end of Round QB picks for the 5th year option.

Can Fitterer get a QB at #21 that keeps the 5th year option, and yet he does not to waste his #6 "blue chip" pick ? (I have them as picking Travon Walker). Fitterer also knows he needs bodies. Their off-season has been dismal as well. He also might have to move McCaffrey for picks. The 25 year old kid has only player 10 games the last two years with his $62mm contract. Talent yes, Healthy? Maybe not so much.

OK Matt Groh show some cajones. If you fellas want to say Harry has the worth of a low pick value, so be it. If the Panthers have to give up a CB perhaps they should take a chance on 2nd Rounder Williams who at the least is healthy and maybe a Safety in real life. We don't really know what Williams is yet.

The Panther have done extremely well with larger WR on their roster.

So yes, I could see our #21 plus WR Harry (CAP move as well) and CB Williams plus another pick #210 for Horn. Harry and Williams do have talent but is it wasted? Remember it's easier the find a CB than a franchise QB. When you have an owner who likes headlines, two first Rounders and another pick plus two players who may or may not work, for a CB that had damage. Might be a good gamble for both Teams. Mock if you must.

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These 3 guys are looking for 20+ million a season. Maybe more if they think they are on par with Hill and Adams. They certainly aren’t looking for paltry Christian Kirk money. This just isn’t happening, ever, unless management changes their philosophy which probably won’t happen for a few years.

Wr’s will be taken early and often if teams think they can land this type of player and get 4 years out of him.


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O.K. Cousins,
After this post I will have my wife start my car via Fabrizio!

Jonnu Smith was a super star on the Titans. He fit. He does not fit here. Not utilized correctly? I am sure that Vrabel missed this kid last season.
On the same token, A.J. Brown is having a hissy fit. He's making only (only? I guess) $3.9mm.

Jonnu Smith signed a 4 year, $50,000,000 contract with the New England Patriots, including a $15,000,000 signing bonus, $31,250,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $12,500,000.

Perhaps a trade and slot in Brown at Smith's present salary year one with incentives. Then jump him up for three more years? I know we are not paying any WR $25mm though.

Just a thought. Your thoughts?
DW Toys
Smith was a projective signing, BB looked at his film and saw Hernandez.