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8/14 - Wednesday Pats/Titans Joint Session Thread

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Feel like this could be a chippy practice. Vrabes seems to know how to get our gears to grind.

captain stone

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It amazes me how many storylines there are with Titans who want to stick it to the Pats.
Vrabel traded away to KC along with Matt Cassel for #34 draft pick which turned into Patrick Chung.
Dean Pees DC not offered a new contract after 2009.
Pees retired from the Ravens on Jan.1st 2018 only to unretire on Jan. 28th to join Vrabel.
Lewis, Ryan,Butler, and Kline no longer wanted by the team they helped to win Super Bowls.
And don't forget former 2009 draft bust and current Titties ILB coach Tyrone McKenzie, as well as former practice squad cup of coffee OG Jamil Douglas...Josh Kline however signed with the Vikings during the off-season...
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