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8/14 - Wednesday Pats/Titans Joint Session Thread

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Oct 17th

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The Rams lost their starting QB in the preseason. They lost their first round pick and starting DT Damione Lewis midway though the year. They lost safety Matt Bowen who the year prior was voted team rookie of the year. They lost the corner they drafted in the second round the year before to a hamstring injury.

The Panthers lost veteran LB Mike Caldwell. They had another LB Mark Fields diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease. They lost veteran D lineman Kavika Pittman. They lost a TE they took in the third round late in the year. They lost a part time starting tackle.

The Seahawks finished the year with 17 players on IR including a special teams captain, crucial interior D-lineman Brandon Mebane, starting receiver and second round pick WR, and former Pro Bowl TE Zach Miller.

The Falcons lost old friend Adrian Clayborn in the playoffs, DE Derrick Shelby, starting corner and Pro Bowler Desmond Trufant, veteran LB and former first round pick Sean Weatherspoon, a part time starting safety and 5 others to IR.

The Rams you claim "weren't a Gurley away from winning". The same Gurley who lead the league with 17 TDs and averaged just under 5 ypc when healthy last year. Something tells me if there was nothing wrong with him the Rams offense may have looked slightly different. To think otherwise is beyond homerism. They also lost a solid backup RB in Malcolm Brown and starting slot receiver Cooper Kupp.

The homerism in your post is just astounding. "The Patriots would have won every game they ever played if everyone was healthy" while at the same time completely neglecting the other teams injuries.

Thanks for filling in the holes in my post. I figured that teams must have had injuries but I wasn't aware of who they were. Stellar job.

Wasn't there also a lineman and RB that the Falcons lost late in the SB? I thought that the injury to the RB led to the missed block that led to the strip sack and fumble.


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Injuries this decade has cost this team 4 SB titles,

2011 (Gronk)
2012 (Gronk)
2015 (Everyone)
2017 (Edelman/Hightower, with either or we win)

If not for injuries we would have 10 titles and it's not far fetched, with healthy Gronk we beat Giants in 2011, with healthy Gronk we beat Ravens in 2012 and 49ers in SB imo. A healthy team in '15 we Cleary beat Broncos and Panthers and with a healthy team in 2017 we Cleary beat the Eagles.

We only needed Bruschi on those teams



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Injuries are relative from a complete absolute.

If for the majority of years, we have the best team at full health........injuries hurt our chances more than others.

Listing other teams injuries means less because they add back to a lesser fully healthy team.

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