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4 games in (EDIT Now HALF), let's talk spending spree

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Nov 28th

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captain stone

Hall of Fame Poster
I never expected TFLs & sacks from Godsmack... I just expected the interior of our DL to not be a complete sieve, especially at the ridiculous money he's being paid... Nick Chubb (remember him, Billy?) is licking his chops...

Well this post didn't age well... Did Chubb even play yesterday?

captain stone

Hall of Fame Poster
Judon's not underpaid; he's About Right.

Bourne & KVN are minor over-pays.

Mills, Godsmack, Agholor & Smith are ALL Comical Over-pays.

Upon reflection I am switching Bourne to the About Right category, though I still didn't like the way he put the ball on the ground again Sunday although he was ruled down by contact...