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22 Patriots and ex Patriots named to HOF nominee list

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Oct 1st


Hall of Fame Poster


Not sure I'd call Steven Jackson and Ocho "ex Patriots" that belong on the list like the others. I guess they were...sorta?
Harrison is a Steeler and always was.


That's really such a shame. You just hate to see that happen to that guy. Tragic.


Huh? Supporter
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
If I had to pick three from that list ... Coates, Armstrong, Wilfork


A lion isn't concerned with the opinion of sheep Supporter
Rodney, Big Vince, James Harrison as a Steeler, maybe Ted Washington.


In the Starting Line-Up
Not counting the incidental "Patriots", Wilfork is the only one who has a chance. Dillon should but he'll get the cold shoulder.

Just for causing the Butt Fumble, Wilfork should be automatic.

Actual Pats Fan

Pro Bowl Player
Lotta worthy guys, I'd say James Harrison first.

Pleasantly surprised to see Flutie. Just think if any of the other quarterbacks in the NFL were treated as he was. They weren't. They were coddled, pampered, paid, and kept in there and allowed to play...not to mention allowed to continue playing after leading their teams to playoff and title contention.

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