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NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION 2024 NFL Monday Wild Card Game Thread

Patricia scheming guys to run into each other - where have I seen that before?
Patricia had nothing to do with that awful tackling and bad angles. Eagles' D was falling apart before he fully took over recently anyway.
They've got worse under him
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What a downfall by the Iggles
Tonight is the night people realize Jalen Hurts is not the guy
Nice production from those rookies they showed. Don’t know that feeling in years and years
Eagles on the verge of a full scale meltdown here
No flag?
Eagles trying to break a record for most arm tackles in a quarter in nfl history
I think even Jones or Zappe can throw on the Eagles tonight.
Patricia: “okay guys we are gonna run play action on this one”

Eagles defense: “Matt we are playing defense”

Patricia: “oh right, shotgun draw”
another huge gainer... that secondary is awful... did duane starks un-retire?
The Eagles haven't seen this much YAC since Donovan McNabb in Super Bowl 39....
I thought once the playoffs started I’d see better tackling, after watching five out of the six games in this round I can see that isn’t true, tackling has been atrocious.
“Eagles make a play!”

when they stuff a first down run.

Next play? Give up a simple cross for 23.

At least they made a play!
Broadcast wasn’t missing an opportunity to dunk on Matt Patricia a bit.
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Anyone know if Lane Johnson is having fun or no? Maybe Bill can come ask him
Maybe Bill can ask him when the Eagles introduce their new coach.

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