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NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION 2023 Conference Championship Games discussion thread

Lions ****ting the bed now
The implosion has begun
Not kicking hit them soooo hard, lol
Fail New York Knicks GIF by Indiana Pacers
It's rigged.

Biggest con going.
Lions are gonna wreck our 24-3 at the half legacy
Imagine being a Lions fan. A life time of failure and it looks like you are going to the Super Bowl only to choke. They better pull this off.
that was so huge...c'mon SF
Lions gotta stick to their gameplan. Should still be able to run and pap.

Im really not a fan of the whole run on third and 5 knowing youre gonna go on 4th down. Isn’t the odds better to try 2 5 yard passes?
I was really enjoying the Lions being up big especially my Draft kings account. But was being very reserved. Worried that the Lions were going to Lions.
Dropped, they're falling apart
It just occurred to me. The Patriots are the Simpsons. Whatever the situation. Simpsons did it.
Is this receiver gonna laugh on the sidelines again after his drop?

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