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NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION 2023 Conference Championship Games discussion thread

Refs playing for Swift SB horrible no call.
Lamar Jackson ... The Mac Jones of the playoffs... Coming up small in the big spots
they don't need to onside kick
Kc getting away with pi. Could be a blessing in disguise though lamar could’ve easily forced another pick or taken another 2 minutes off the clock
SF beats KC
QB league.

SF might be faced with the same scenario as four years ago.

Better overall team? Probably.
Better HC/QB? No.

I don't think SF matched up well with either. But at least with Lamar, there was the possibility of an implosion.
Tucker is money as usual
Watching this game, I'm thinking OL is the most important for the Pats. Yeah HoF talent at QB and TE might be nice, but Zay isn't getting that TD if LJ didn't have 7 secs to throw.
Kick a FG and then try an onside kick lol yeah ok
8 yard run when you need a 3-out
Patrick hasn't even scored in the second half.

But he's Brady's equal.

Wtf are these people talking about?

Brady would of destroyed this league

There dumbass it’s unreal I think they have 3 first downs and these idiots are crowning him
Huge mistake by Baltimore
I would jump offsides, make it 1st and 10 not 1st and 5
how do you mess up like that lol

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