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NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION 2023 Conference Championship Games discussion thread

All you guys bagging on Flowers right now would desperately want him on the Pats.
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Do ya think they’d take Thornton for Flowers even up right now??!!
Tay Tay gonna write a song abot Zay zay.
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Ravens get what they deserved with all their dumb players.

Hard to win when you play QB with a running back
That’s my point. This game Mahomes is scrambling instead of sitting in a collapsing pocket and Lamar is sitting in the pocket instead of running.

He doesn’t even do what he is good at
Because the Ravens are trying to make him a passer.

He never will be.
By the way, is Odell playing? The guy has been invisible
I don't see a scenario where Detroit or SF beats KC.
Ravens are such frauds. KC back in the SB….puke
How’s that not an Offensive PI was wondering why Hamilton was stumbling for
Kelce's underrated skill is self protection. The way he turns and braces for contact is something other TEs should study if they want to play for a long time.
Quite the sequence for Flowers.
Ravens D did tighten up after the first quarter but the offense isn't doing it's job.
I guess the Ravens and the league really wants Taylor Swift in the SB
such a huge choke job by ravens.
I do feel bad for Flowers he was trying to make a play
Ravens imploding
My God the Ravens are so stupid.

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