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2022/2023 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread

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Not to get too far off track ,but Van Noy sucked except for the 7 game streak where he did what he was told and didn't freelance. He was almost single-handedly responsible for the loss to Dallas because he left his man open to try and get to Prescott only to have Prescott float the ball over him for a huge 1st down conversion.. He did the same thing in the 1st loss to the Bills. Many people were saying that Van Noy should be cut after game 4 because he was stinking it up so badly.

It was honestly no different than in the 2nd half of 2019 when the defense fell apart. He was one of the main culprits and I was not sorry to see him go.
Welp, as I understand it, he opens up another 4+M in cap space. So whether he's a guy who can defend the pass who can also rush the QB and can make the wrong call, or whether he's meh but not great, on the wrong side of 30, & freelancing, we've got a little more cash to pursue in-season body putty, or the possible high(ish) value acquisition.

PatsFanInVa Supporter Supporter
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Slow, getting old, not great in space. Good season stats, but I suspect his tape tells the truth.
More like his contract number I think. He's part of the bigger past rather than the "flying around" LBs of the future, I guess, too... Part of me wants to ask when I hear how old and slow he is and how terrible he is in space, okayyyy then the LBs who don't have the pass breakups or sacks, how bad were they? I see the idea floated above that he is streaky, which can explain things, but there were games where you couldn't turn around without a KVN play making a difference. But I'll buy that he can straight up suck for long streaks -- I focus more on the play that gets made than griping about who effed up what he's supposed to do when the fact is, none of us can make that call with 100% confidence. I won't say KVN single-handedly takes over games but at LB, he's definitely had games when he became the unsolvable variable on the Pats side of the field


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well, there goes the camp arm and practice squad read option QB
I read his interview he said the Patriots were going to try him all over the field.
That didn’t take long.
When I Read about the kid he just seems like a tweezer a guy who can go against 70 percent of the people in the world and hold his own or dominate on the field.
But the NFL is a special breed.
I didn’t see Edelman athleticism in this kid.
At least we aren’t holding on to players long.
Which I need to ask, why is Harry still here.