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Dec 12th
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In the Starting Line-Up
Ernie Adams: "So Bill, I was just going over the books from 2020, and it looks like we cleared off all the accumulated debt from our last ass kicking dynasty run."

BB: "That's good, so what's it look like going into 2021?"

Ernie Adams: "From the look of things we're set up to have the most good players under contract, with the most cap space, expiring contracts and free money to spend with the cap rising in a couple years with the new TV deal... oh yeah, and we have about nine draft picks going into April including our first three and three in the fourth."

BB: "Excellent, Linda told me media guys like Curran and others have been running their dck suckers all year, they say our cap issues was just me making excuses... as if I had to lie when all our cap debt and contracts for the last six years were available for all to see."

Ernie Adams: "Well you can't expect those crayon eating moth-rf-ck-rs to understand the cap."

Radio Sounds: "Hey boss?"

BB lifts the radio to his mouth and presses the button

"Yeah, go ahead."

Radio Sounds: "Boss I know you told me not to bother you with this stuff, but this Colin Cowherd guy was just on the air saying the Patriots need a new head coach. And I don't want to pile on here, but I was reading the Patriots forum earlier and all the Negative Nancys who mostly disappeared after 2014 are back and even have some new converts, the Brady zealots are off their rocker saying you’ve lost it."

BB: "Cowturd said that?"

Radio Sounds: "He said you were a disaster, that you should flee the AFC East because our run is over, he said Brady was the system and you were making excuses about the salary cap."

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