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2021 NFL Free Agency/Trade News & Discussion: March Edition

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Sep 26th

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Hammer of Thor

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IF they would trade for Jimmy at the minimum they can restructure to whatever they need. There's no guarantees on his contract so he would be the easiest to sign.
Well, except that we would have just have traded real assets to get the guy, so Jimmy G would not believe the Pats’ threat to cut him if he didn’t renegotiate..... The reality is they would restructure the deal as a condition to the trade; if he didn’t agree, no trade.


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Can you clarify what you are saying?

I think he's saying the Pats are waiting to see if they are on Watson's list of teams he'd be willing to get traded to...with all the additions they've made you have to think that maybe Watson would reconsider NE (they weren't on his list a few weeks ago).


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On a side note watching some Mills tape he gave Diggs some problems with his physicality and visually had Diggs upset on the field Diggs was uncomposed and yelling at Mills.
Might of been of the reasons we targeted him early and specifically.
Buffalos lights out offense didn’t look incredible playing a rough Pats team last year. Wait till they get a load of the changes.

Bill Lee

What, me worry?
I disagree. I don’t think he shows up, and I think they will trade him because they won’t have the balls to deal with the negative PR of a holdout.
But we will find out.
IMO it'd take more balls to deal with the negative PR of trading Deshaun Watson, not to mention the wreckage to the team by (a) not having Watson (b) absorbing a $22M hit to the cap when they are already over the cap. The Easterby/Caserio regime would be meet the same fate as the BoB regime did in a small number of weeks if not months.

What happens if HOU trades him?
If they do trade him, how does that work? Watson has a no-trade clause in his contract, so he would have final say on any deal. According to Schefter, if the Texans did trade Watson, they would have to absorb a salary-cap charge of $22 million. For a team already projected to be more than $17 million over the cap in 2021, that is a large amount of money for a player who isn’t on the roster. Even if the Texans got significant draft capital for Watson, the team would still have to make several money-saving cuts and would have a hard time building via free agency.

What happens if he holds out?
If he sits out, the team could choose to fine him up to $40,000 per day for every day he skips during training camp. He would also be subject to additional loss of money if he does not report for the start of the season and misses games.

I know he says it's not about money, but sooner or later it will be.

Ref: Why Deshaun Watson is unhappy with Texans, and what comes next


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Actually this bit just now from The Athletic is fascinating:

“Then, there’s this: If the Patriots acquired Watson from the Houston Texans, he would only come with a 2021 cap hit of $10.54 million. They don’t just have enough room for Watson – they could also bring in another receiver. Watson’s cap hit would increase to $35 million in 2022, $37 million in 2023 and then $32 million in 2024 and 2025.”


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Maybe we already have the deal done?
Hunter yeah who am I Catching passes from Cam or Jarret I have Buff on the other line.
Bill you’d be catching passes from Watson and we are revolutionizing the tight end play book.
Hunter to Buff yeah I can’t talk
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